I threw my phone...

...and now I lost all contact to the outside world.

Perhaps except for this blog.


History made!

The DLSU-D Lady Patriots scored their first victory against rival PUP Maroons today at the PLS accomplishing it in overtime, 56-53, at the continuation of the NCRAA women's basketball championshps.

As much as I would want to provide more information, Jay Aggabao did the play by play while I did the cheering from midway the fourth quarter until the final buzzer.

I spent my Valentine's night with Marthy Angue...

...and it was the oddest Valentine's Day his whole lifetime. More later.


I greet everyone...

A Happy Venereal Day!


Sports news

Pacers doing ok. Sarunas Jasikevicius and Danny Granger part of the Rookie Challenge. Jermaine O'neal voted as All-Star game starter. And the rest of Indiana in a three-game winning streak and they're actually winning big.

I may be Red Bull by default by I am expecting Purefoods to be putting up a fight. I am deeply disappointed. Red Bull in six. But I wouldn't mind if Purefoods win in six. Kerby Raymundo wins Player of the Conference, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ateneans put up a rally and give Rico Villanueva a swing vote. We'll never know how they work.

Winter Olympics in Turin ongoing.


Crazy headline...

I don't know why it came out like this in the website, but on paper it read, "Bunye: Don't blame stampede on GMA"

I mean, duh! The Kapuso network had nothing to do with the stampede.

Ah... I should stop this GMA-GMA jokes.


In other news, it would be a 'cheap' Valentine's week with some PUJ operators providing a .50c discount for seven days starting this Friday.


...I was off by one field goal.

Last year, I said the Patriots would win by field goal and the score would be 20-17. I should start betting my gut feel.


Wanna bet?

Steelers. 24-10.

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