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Good riddance, Ron! The distraction is finally gone and the soap opera's over. Now to return to winning.

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In other news, NCRAA men's basketball defending champion and host Emilio Aguinaldo College-Manila is suspended for the rest of the season for playing in other collegiate leagues without informing the NCRAA. Other EAC-M teams are suspended as well.


Quote of the day

I'm failing academically not because I'm dumb. It's just that I'm not grade conscious.


I'm disappointed with myself...

DLSU-D swimming intrams results:

men's 200m freestyle - DNF
men's 4x50m freestyle relay - DNF

The good side, our college won second overall using the point system (First place gets seven points, second gets six, etal).

The bad side, I didn't score any friggin' point. Go figger.

More later.


When Friday the 13th strikes...

...it strikes twice. Blame it on time zones.

Four of the three games I saw ended up as losses. That doesn't count the AFC semifinals suprise weekend. Let me count the ways.

Friday morning, Manila time, I witnessed the Spurs getting beat red and blue by the Pistons, thus enabling the 2005 NBA losers to sweep their series this season. Then, Cleveland and LeBron James lost to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Later that night, I saw San Miguel getting eliminated by Air 21.

Saturday morning, Manila time, Friday evening, US time, the Pacers lost to the Washington Wizards.

To cap it all off, I couldn't even complete 50 meters in the school swimming pool. And I forgot my soap in the shower. Argh!


Separation anxiety beckons

Seven months worth of uncut hair... gone!


Why did ABS-CBN stopped the airing of MGB?

Because they wanted Noli de Castro to cease supporting GMA. Get it?



I rest my case...



WWE 2006 top 10 appreciation list

1. Randy Orton (heel, SmackDown!) – no one beats the Legend Killer. His Casket Match with The Undertaker was a classic. I just wish the writers drop his dad from the storyline and let Randy grow on his own. Now that’s an interesting angle, Orton going against another legend, his own dad.

2. Batista (face, SmackDown!) – Bautista, as what Eddie Guerrero addresses him, is still on top of my list.

3. Mr. Kennedy (heel, SmackDown!) – two words: Miiiisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Kenneeeeeeeedyyyyyyy… Kenneeeedy!!!

4. Bobby Lashley (face, SmackDown!) – hopefully, he turns out as a better version of Shelton.

5. Kurt Angle (heel, Raw) – still the man.

6. Malena (heel, SmackDown!) – MNM is more of Malena rather than the tag team’s combined talent. She’s the hottest wrestler after Trish Stratus. Not even Stacey Kiebler could match up with her. Move over, Christy Hemme. At least, Malena knows how to wrestle.

7. Shelton Bejamin (face, Raw) – push the guy!

8. Carlito (heel, Raw) - face turn the coolest wrestler in Raw!

9. Chris Benoit (face, SmackDown!) – it’s nice to know that they still gave him another championship. But four consecutive less-than-a-minute defenses? Isn’t that more an insult than an appreciation of great talent? This might also be a sign that they are maximizing Orlando Jordan’s tv time and might be releasing him soon.

10. Gregory Helms (heel, Raw) – he has lots of upside. If only he is given a break. Maybe a heel turn would be good for him.


I just notice...

The topics that get more comments are the ones about music. What does this imply? Eh?

PBL Heroes Cup appreciation list

1. Harbour Center Portmasters – does the name Pumaren ring a bell to you? Plus they have Rico Maierhofer.

2. Rain or Shine Paintmasters – two names: Joseph Yeo and Junjun Cabatu.

3. Granny Goose Tortillos – Da Nose returns at da bench. He regained my respect after serving as UAAP and NCAA commissioner in the recent collegiate basketball season.

4. Happee-PCU Dolphins(?) – the reason they are this high is because of Joel Solis. Other than that, so what Jason Castro and Gabby Espinas?

5. Montaña Pawnshop Jewellers – Compton, perhaps?

6. Magnolia Wizards – dispose Arwind Santos and they would be higher in my list.

7. Toyota Otis-Letran Knights – who wants to cheer a team that has a monster called Mark Andaya in their roster?

8. Far Eastern Insurance Insurers – this team sucks. They are so bad they have FEU reject Jay Sierra as starting point guard and third-rate SFACS center Lawrence Bonus as starting center.


The PBA Fiesta Conference 2005-06 Appreciation list

1. Batang Red Bull Thunder – didn’t I mention in a previous entry that I am cheering for Red Bull this conference no matter how much I hate this team?

2. Alaska Aces – underachievers them lot. I’m starting to get disappointed.

3. Talk N’ Text Phone Pals – by default. Mark Cardona.

4. Purefood Chunkee Corn Beef Giants – it’s more of Jondan Salvador than James Yap or Kirby Raymundo. Koy Banal assists Ryan Gregorio on the bench.

5. Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings – The Fast and the Furious are growing on me. And oh yeah, Eric Menk’s back.

6. San Miguel Beermen – with a lineup like theirs and at the bottom of the standings, what’s up with that?

7. Air 21 Express – I may not agree with the team philosophy but they still have Renren Ritualo in their lineup.

8. Coca Cola Tigers – Coke who? Rudy Hatfield where?

9. Sta. Lucia Realtors – Alex Cabagnot, I like. Kenneth Duremdes, Marlou Aquino, and Dennis Espino, I don’t.


The 2005 Top 100

  1. Wake me Up When September Ends – Green Day
  2. Lyla – Oasis
  3. Speed of Sound – Coldplay
  4. Posible – Rivermaya
  5. Best of You – Foo Fighters
  6. Chandeliers – The Care
  7. Cute without the E – Taking Back Sunday
  8. You'll be Safe Here – Rivermaya
  9. Akap – Imago
  10. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
  11. Wag na Wag mong Sasabihin – Kitchie Nadal
  12. Anino – Imago
  13. KLSP – Spongecola
  14. Fix You – Coldplay
  15. Hallelujah – Bamboo
  16. Hari ng Sablay – Sugarfree
  17. Jopay – Mayonnaise
  18. Jeepney – Spongecola
  19. Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem
  20. Masilungan – <s>andwich
  21. Only One – Yellowcard
  22. Prom – Sugarfree
  23. The Day You Said Goodnight – Hale
  24. Hanggang Kailan – Orange and Lemons
  25. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
  26. Stay – Cueshe
  27. Holiday – Green Day
  28. Kwarto – Sugarfree
  29. Mang Jose – Parokya ni Edgar
  30. Balisong – Rivermaya
  31. Liwanag sa Dilim – Rivermaya
  32. Sunday Driving – Rivermaya
  33. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
  34. Tulad ng Dati – The Dawn
  35. First Day Funk – Parokya ni Edgar
  36. American Idiot – Green Day
  37. Same Ground – Kitchie Nadal
  38. Pinoy Ako – Orange and Lemons
  39. Do You Want to – Franz Ferdinand
  40. Sleeps with Butterflies – Tori Amos
  41. Broken Sonnet – Hale
  42. Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional
  43. The Ordertaker – Parokya ni Edgar
  44. Bulong – Kitchie Nadal
  45. Krafty – New Order
  46. Hiling – Paramita
  47. Akin ka na Lang – itchyworms!
  48. Tulog na – Sugarfree
  49. Daliri – Kwjan
  50. Nice Place – Juan Pablo Dream
  51. Sorry – Cueshe
  52. Yatta! – Green Leaf Team
  53. Dragostea Din Tei – O Zone
  54. Robot Rock – Daft Punk
  55. Makaaasa ka – Rivermaya
  56. Believe – Chemical Brothers
  57. Candyshop – 50 Cent
  58. Tumatakbo – Mojofly
  59. Shiver – Natalie Imbruglia
  60. Sometimes You Can't Make it on your Own – U2
  61. Vertigo – U2
  62. Screaming Infidelities – Dashboard Confessional
  63. Quick to Panic – Shiela and the Insects
  64. My New Tattoo – Urbandub
  65. Blue Orchid – The White Stripes
  66. Everybody's Changing – Keane
  67. Whatsername – Green Day
  68. Not That Kinda Girl – JoJo
  69. Tensionado – Soapdish
  70. The Scientist – Coldplay
  71. What is it to Burn – Finch
  72. Just a Smile – Barbie Almabis
  73. Sandalan – 6Cycle Mind
  74. What You Waiting For – Gwen Stefani
  75. This is the Last Time – Keane
  76. Sige – 6Cycle Mind
  77. Let there be Love – Oasis
  78. Tomorrow not Today – Shiela and the Insects
  79. Incomplete – Backstreet Boys
  80. Get Right – Jennifer Lopez
  81. Be Quiet and Drive – Deftones
  82. Don't Phunk with my Heart – Black Eyed Peas
  83. Dakota – Stereophonics
  84. Shiver – Coldplay
  85. Apoy – Greyhoundz
  86. Patlang – Cambio
  87. Ligaya – Kitchie Nadal
  88. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
  89. Last Train Home – Lostprohets
  90. Dito Tayo sa Dilim – Pedicab
  91. All That I've Got – The Used
  92. Are we the Waiting – Green Day
  93. Ass Like That – Eminem
  94. Don't Tread on Me – 311
  95. Konstantine – Something Corporate
  96. Time of Your Life – Green Day
  97. Lift me Up – Moby
  98. I Want it That Way – Backstreet Boys
  99. Feels Just Like it Should – Jamiroquai
  100. Mockingbird – Eminem

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