Cecil Mamiit wins

Guess what the dancing Filipino tennis player is up to lately?


The pet project is up!

Rockoustic Mania blasts off!


The hippies did it!

BJ and Tyler won The Amazing Race, beating "Frat Boys" Eric and Jeremy in the Pitstop task. This also marks the first time I correctly predicted from the start on who is going to win.

Holdap 2

Going through the first installment, I realized that the pace of the recalling of the events was more of a play-by-play type, quickly shifting from one thought to another. Although I didn’t to be “preachy”, it didn’t provide much of an “analysis” either. So now, here’s the follow-up writeup.

I have passed by that dreaded corner once or twice. This time though I was safely inside a vehicle. There was this one time that I had no choice since I have to take the public transportation going to Shaw Blvd. Fortunately, this was in daytime.

Looking at the immediate area, although gloomy at night, it doesn’t provide much hiding space to spring an attack. The lights are out and the repair shop garages at the opposite side of Bagumbayan St. are desolate. And is it just me or did I notice a functional streetlight the last time I passed by at night?

Going back to the night of the attack, I wasn’t wearing anything flashy that time. Then again, the occasional glare coming from the backlight of the mobile phone I had might have alerted the pursuant.

It was a good thing I started walking away from the waiting shed. Although it gave the robbers a darker area and more “working space”, it gave me enough buffer between ground zero and the pedicab terminal. Anywhere nearer and I might have ended up running up to my house, which is quite a considerable distance.

I could’ve sprinted to the opposite direction towards Gen. Kalentong St., but with my shirt ripped off my back, I decided against it. There’s not much you can do in a “strange” place although if I have had came out unscathed and “unripped”, I might have continued to my gimmick despite the traumatic incident.

One more thing I need to point out: I was on the move, meaning, I was not a stationary target. I believe it’s easier to ambush someone who is a sitting duck.

You know what, watching those martial arts movies and self-defense segments on tv proved to be beneficial for me. I may not have thrown a punch but I had the presence of mind to twist my body to face my assailant while keeping my belly as far as possible from a lunge towards my body using a sharp object.

Remember the times that aikido or judo instructor reminded you to face your attacker… there it was in application. And there it was occurring despite panic consuming my body.

Speaking of panic, I guess hat was the reason why I didn’t ask the pedicab driver to take me to the community precint. I was more concerned that I didn’t have a shirt on. If I went straight to the police station, would they give me complimentary clothing? I don’t think so.

At the same time, I thought it would be fruitless to send police since the robbers might have fled. All that would do is start a commotion. But then, there’s the formality of filing a blotter. But do blotters work? Do the police do follow-up jobs?

I apologize. It’s just me not believing enough in the system. I know I should and I should have at least been hopeful.

Finally, the pedicab driver at the corner who appeared as if nothing unusual happened. Are they in cahoots? If they know, why didn’t they assist me? The driver that was pedaling even knows where the suspects are from.

Isn’t the local baranggay security force aware of the holduppers’ whereabouts? Sta. Mesa is such a small community to be used in hiding from the authorities.

Now that ends my litany. Obviously, this posed more questions than answers. I don’t know if this rant is anyway helpful or served its purpose.


Let's make this quick...

...because the first round took forever to finish. :lol:

Again, first game results notwithstanding.

Eastern Conference

Detroit vs Cleveland: Pistons in 4
Miami vs New Jersey: Heat in 4

Western Conference

San Antonio vs Dallas: Spurs in 6 close games
Phoenix vs LA Clippers: Phoenix in 5, completes the LA sweep.

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