2007 F1 constructors ranking

Now that F1 is just around a corner (what an overused cliche), it is that time where I place the constructors and the drivers in their respective starting grids.

1. Ferrari - this spot is reserved. Duh! It is interesting though cheering for Kimi Raikkonen after berating him almost his whole career. Does that mean Felipe Massa is still the designated number two driver? Upward mobility in Ferrari is hard. I could feel Reubens and Eddie Irvine now.

2. Honda - with McLaren as the default heel and Renault expected to fall, it would be no surprise if Honda continues their rabid rise this season. Jenson Button is the man.

3. BMW Sauber - I like this team. I mean who would? Kubica has a bright future. And I always favoured the perpetual Sauber driver, Nick Heidfeld.

4. Toyota - any team with a Schumacher is fine by me. Jarno Trulli needs more pushing though, in more ways than one.

5. Williams - I have a feeling that they just got the raw end of the stick last season. Mechanical failures that led to unforeseen driver substitutions. They had to revise their tv ad big time when Villenueve suffered head injuries. What is important is I like both Wurz and Rosberg.

6. Renault - I am an optimist for Fisichella, but Kovalainen have been reportedly outpacing him in their recent runarounds. Still, that bodes well for Renault.

7. Super Aguri - Takuma Sato cool, even if the car sucks. I do hope they could improve this season though.

8. Toro Rosso - for some strange reason, even if he is American, and Americans in general disdain F1 for their sucky NASCAR, I like Scott Speed. It has a nice ring to it.

9. Spyker - another name change. Third in the last few years. There must be definitely something wrong now, don't you think? I am for underdogs, but not this under.

10. Red Bull - any team with David Coulthard or has the same name with my most hated PBA squad deserves the bottom of my list.

11. McLaren - really now. Prove to me that you could win with Alonso when you are as inconsistent as rainfall in the Sahara. It was Renault who made Alonso.

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Smells like team spirit

If only the De La Salle gallery would cheer like this, it would be more fun watching games.



Top ten EPL players

I just realized. What is the use having a list if the players come only from five teams? Eh?

1. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
2. Edwin Van Der Sar (Manchester United)
3. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
4. Sol Campbell (Portsmouth)
5. Michael Ballack (Chelsea)
6. Joe Cole (Chelsea)
7. Michael Owen (Newcastle)
8. Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
9. Didier Drogba (Chelsea)
10. Peter Crouch (Liverpool)

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I'm home-line!

Yes, finally I'm online... at home. And it all started with a friggin' macrovirus for us to get hooked. One more reason to hate Microsoft. It's has become a big inconvenience.


Sports news to watch out for in 2007

- How will a Schumi-less Ferrrari run?
- Will Fernando Alonso choke driving a usually unreliable car?
- Will Roger Federize the competition one more year?
- Can Rafael Nadal finally conquer the demon called Federer?
- Will it be a topsy-turvy women's tennis pro tour?
- Can Martina Hingis reach the top five by midyear and the top three by yearend?
- Are the University of Florida Gators a fluke?
- Will Joachim Noah join the NBA draft?
- Will a worthy challenger emerge in the Eastern Conference?
- Will a team in the Western Conference not called San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship?
- Can the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves finally get over the hump?
- Will another 'cheap' MLB team prove that money doesn't win the World Series?
- Is the wait for the De La Salle University-Manila Green Archers worth it?
- Will Pido Jarencio dance the two-step in October?
- Will it be the year of the Red Lion in the year of the pig?
- Will the Jose Rizal University Heavy Bombers continue their overachieving ways?
- Will Thailand fix clean the Southeast Asian Games?
- Will the Philippines cry foul if they got screwed in the Southeast Asian Games?
- Will the NCAA bolt from ABS-CBN?
- Will Anton Montinola...?
- Will Vince McMahon stop brokebacking wrestlers?
- Will TNA stop signing WWE rejects?
- PBA: Boom or bust?


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