Tay na, birthday ko na pala...

At least it is now official.

Usually, the mood is expectant and enthusiastic. I guess what threw me off was when Elaigh greeted me two days ahead and the mom and the rest of the household were already singing with still two hours to spare.

The left me depressed the last few hours of my 24th year. And when I whine that I am getting a year older, I guess I am getting older. This is so not me.

Used to be I do not mind because what matters is the mental age. It is good to know that I am still stuck as a 19 year old. But I have to gradually accept that I am actually 25 and that the froshie batch is nine years my junior and I am considering jailtime if I plan to touch of them.

Had Marthy and Iandoc greet me online. They got first dibs. But had to ask time from them first before they had to do the shoutout, just to make things official. Yeah, I am finicky that way.

So far, the first two hours have been swell. The netz has been faster than usual. That is consolation enough. Plus I get to treat myself to the DLSU-Manila women's basketball team fundraiser party in Temple later after work. What is cooler still is that a few hours from now is the NBA Draft.

How neat is that? My birthday is a historical day.

Another thing. 29-6=23. Wooh!


Fete de Javu

Before I talk about Chris Benoit's attention-grabbing death, something else occurred last Saturday besides the NCAA opening. I am referring to Fete de la Musique.

It was not the best edition that I have seen. The rained-out Fete that was held in Eastwood was even better organized this one. And the fact that there were just four stages to choose from, something is definitely wrong with the picture. However, what redeemed the night for me is not the event per se, but the feeling and the experience while going around the familiar corners of Malate.

There was this one time I dreamt (I know it should be dreamed, thank you Firefox, but can you give me some slack and consider that as writing style rather than a mistype, the same way I that spelt) that Fete was held in Ermita. And when somewhere in the middle you recall portions of your dream as those events flash in front of you, you know you are into something.

I apologize if I am going blank. That was the second consecutive bland paragraph I made. This may count as the third. It is not really the best time of the day to be composing comprehensive blog entries at three in the morning, especially if I only had five or so hours of sleep the previous 24 and I attended ultimate basics the night before. It also dees not help that I am getting distracted because I need to reconnect every now and then just to juice up my dialup.

Going back, here is the play by play.

With the second game of the NCAA opening finishing at 7-ish, I predicted that I could finish my writeup for Ubelt at about past 8pm. To segue, I am currently working on finishing two 12-paragraph articles in an hour or less, now that I have no "juniors game" to time myself to. Plus, competition is brewing up online with THAT POPULAR WEBSITE.

Anyway, it was drizzling when I left Araneta Coliseum, as forewarned by JC via SMS. Yeah, you are the jinx. Reached rendezvous point at circa 2130hours.

I was greeted by the Universal stage, wet, drab, and dry. This does not bode well. I suggested to the companion that we change locations. There was nothing much to see in that part of Aristocrat. Plus that another friend is sitting pretty in the Rock stage. We did not get to see him in the din though.

We did not get to see our must-see bands (I could not even recall Raichu's band name right now). Heck, I was supposed to observe crowd dynamics when Chicosci enters stage right. However, the companion was getting uneasy.

Between that and boredom, we made our way to Cafe Havana (which was conveniently in front of the Rock stage), where I figured out my mates in salsa class would be. JC got her first lesson of salsa, while I got a lecture on picking up and feeling good the rest of the way courtesy of the companion.

We tried our luck in the Hiphop stage, which we discovered by luck even if we passed the corner of Adriatico St. a number of times. At about this time, my subconscious was already working double time and I commented to the companion, "You know, I just remembered a dream I had."

In that scene, I was supposed to walk to a stage that was just right ahead (what later turned out to be the Hiphop stage in real time). Before reaching the stage was a corner to the right where another stage was set up. What I did was walk around the stage on the right and after navigating a few more street corners, I ended up at the back of the stage I was originally supposed to go to. Logically though, I also ended up at the back of the stage that was on the right.

Since the Hiphop stage was right at the corner of Nakpil and Adriatico Sts., in order to reach Taft Ave. via Nakpil St., you have to go round Remedios Circle then exit at one of its branches.

From this point it became all surreal. Again, just by pure serendipity, we landed at the World stage where the next band on the list was playing industrial. More on that later.

JC and I paused, reoriented ourselves and finally came into agreement that the World stage was in the middle of gay central. Oh yes, gays own the world... at least for that night.

Then it hit me like an epiphany. I was standing just behind stage right. Just like the one in my nocturnal vision. It was Fete de Javu from there. I did not mind anymore that I walked out of True Faith, that I missed Chicosci, and that I did not get to mosh with the jaded emo-fied orcs.

People... this is what I call a music festival. I am in the World stage with companion in tow, checking out queers and then some, the usual "Oh, you are here, too!" meet up with an old acquaintance, and the band onstage was playing industrial.

Yes, industrial. As in Rammstein/Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails industrial. This raised a few eyebrows in the immediate area where I was standing, but I did not care anymore. Besides, how many industrial acts are there in this part of the eastern hemisphere?

I whipped out my mom's digicam and started clicking away. Photos to follow once I get to get myself a USB chord.

Fete was capped by the Bembol Rockers. This is old school at its best... with a fretless bass to boot.

As for the dream, if I remember it right, it happened some time last year when I found out at the last minute that they had Farce de la Musique in MOA. So, do not blame me JC for not telling you, ok?



All together now

It has been more than a month now that I ceased my FM radio boycott. Blame it on two Lasallian dj's that I tuned in to back when I was still a loyal listener to that station in the rightmost part of the channel. At that time, to change the tuner is already a task in itself.

Nevertheless, it is just a partial cessation since the fact that their mother station is still too pop for my taste.


There are beach volleyball and beach football. They are recognized as disciplines on their own.

But have you heard of beach rugby? Apparently, there is such.


Damm... accidentally erased my mobile inbox again for the nth time. Yeah, a sign to either purchase new keypads or ditch it for a new unit altogether.


Dammer... net has been freegin' slow the past week or so. Time to change ISPs. Or better yet, start saving for wireless broadband. Globelines has a good deal.


I pass resumes, I do not get a call. I wonder if I am just underqualified at any field or what.


Give me more novacaine. The gum where my premolar used to be still hurts like hell.

I guess 'tis just not my day/week.


What else needs a shoutout? Oh yeah, Ambing by Easy is THE GREATEST SONG ON EARTH. Evarrr...

Now, how do I share it to the rest of the world when I am relying on mere AOL-speed dialup?


When emo becomes your happy music, what does that tell you?


There is hope for local free tv... I think.

Mommy Elsie's Problematic Show, ABC, Tuesday, 10pm.
The So-Called Life of Ryan Garcia is Going Public, RPN, Tuesday, 10:30pm.


300 is the perfect movie, and I will tell you why.

All your base are covered. Every demographic was represented. The guys had their action flick, the girls had their abs, the comic fanboys had their fix, the geeks had their CGI, the filmheads had their visual spectacle.

The only market neglected it seems are the purist history buffs, which had a piece of Ancient Greek culture romanticized.

That, in essence, is my late, late comment regarding the best made movie that was based on a comic. Sin City is a close, close second. Move over, cliche-filled Spidey 2.


Who returned my Blogger dashboard to English? I was having fun when it was in vernacular.


ultimate imba

I was already warned, but I did not heed it. Because of that, I am now suffering from the aches and pains.

Ultimately, ultimate is ultimate. But hey, this was the rush I was looking for ever since I last played competitive football.

Sure, I got to play in the Pex Basketball League, but that tournament did not last. And yeah, I did get to swim representing the college in the intramurals, but my body was not conditioned to traverse an Olympic-sized swimming pool that time.

I feel that I am more ready now. Have lost about 40lbs the last three years and counting. I am currently in my ideal playing weight of 140-145lbs.

Other than that, all that brisk walking from the corner of Recto and Legarda to the FEU gym and sprinting/running/jogging from the PUJ stop to our gate during the time I was covering the Nike Summer League might have done some good.

Still, I was not prepared for what I had to endure with an hour and a half of a pick-up game of ultimate. Considering that the pace was already slowed down. I could not catch my breath.

Nevertheless, with physical endeavors like these, results do not come out until a month or so. Just like what I experienced in my first few sessions of salsa.

That being said, you know where to find me next Wednesday night after I am done with my coverage for the NCAA basketball games.



Weird color

I do not know. Maybe because I was forcing the issue that I wanted the result to come out green, but I like the 'red' choices as well. Either way, I guess it is not bad since white is my second color of preference, and it is not because.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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Your weekly dose of my Top 20 Flavours of the Week

I know I missed one last week. Partly intentional. Anyway, where were we?

20 Dear Kuya

19 Little Wonders
Rob Thomas

18 Your Love Alone is not Enough
Manic Street Preachers

17 Rocketship
Shiny Toy Guns

16 Rocket Ride
Felix da Housecat

15 Ale
The Bloomfields

14 Invincible

13 Love Today

12 Real Girl
Mutya Buena

11 River
Good Charlotte

10 Signal Fire
Snow Patrol

9 Ambing

8 Thnks fr th Mmrs
Fall Out Boy

7 Makes me Wonder
Maroon 5

6 I Don't Love You
My Chemical Romance

5 Hump de Bump
Red Hot Chili Peppers

4 Closer

3 Sundo

2 What I've Done
Linkin Park

1 Stolen
Dashboard Confessional

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The best RAW episode evarrr!!!

It is not because Vince McMahon supposedly died in that episode, and it is not because of the draft either. It is because...

Bret “The Hitman” Hart appeared in a live WWE event for the first time in ten friggin' years!!!

He did not exactly came out from behind the curtain, but his mere appearance is more than enough for me who is not privileged to see my fair share of Bret Hart sightings.

As much as I wanted to see the WWE CEO actually die, whether on or off screen, I was actually more interested with the draft. And it has been some time when I last took fancy with the staged WWE revamp, errr... draft.


If we are just going to plainly base on what transpired on draft night, it is easy to see that the clear winner of the draft is RAW. And it does not take one to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the biggest loser is SmackDown.

The bland RAW brand got a shot in the arm by acquiring former champion King Booker, recent title holder Bobby Lashley, and the steal of them all, an up and coming Mr. Kennedy. On the other hand, from losing Booker, Kennedy, Chris Benoit, and an iffy Boogeyman, all the SmackDown promo got in return is a big lug, a diva, a senior citizen, and a recently suspended midcarder turned jobber.

You think the trades in the PBA are lopsided, what do you call this one?


I should not have bothered waiting for the supplemental draft. What are worth noting though that Kendrick and London did not get separated, Daivari is back, Holly is back in SmackDown, and ECW got more freaks.




An mp3 player that has a record button. I just realized that other than being a glorified storage device, would not it be nifty if I could record postgame interviews so that I would not be forced to catching a winning coach's words with a pen and paper?



Quickly now...

Found out from here that Rivermaya is reportedly as good as dead. I passed this around and friends confirmed. After finding out that two Patriots volleyball players were recently killed, I do not know how I would deal with this...


Which leads me to...

Former Patriots Christopher Quine and Ronnie Borlagdatan got rained by bullets in Dasma Bayan last Monday with Borlagdatan dying on the spot and Quine eventually succumbing a few days later. As for the reason of the killing, that is still under investigation by the Dasmariñas police.

This got more mileage than the Soc Rivera issue since this was reported by trimedia.

We do not need this damm siyet to happen, really.


Here are...

Two unique takes on why SM3 is 50-50. I agree, it is not the best in the series, but it is not the worst either.

Emo parker rules! I believe it was necessarily long to introduce the new characters, because I believe either one or both of them would have a significant role in SM4. *crosses fingers*

Unlike Pirates 3. Why develop new characters if they would just eventually become glorified extras in the end? Should have gone for Shrek the Third that day instead.


I am posting entries in advance because...

I just realized that I am fully booked until the 11th. Debut, yearend seminar, what have you. I might have to miss covering the finals of the Nike Summer League and my regular salsa class.



LimeWire PRO is 1337. It is the dialup bandwidth that could not handle the pressure.


Why bother?

Now that my PC is less of a Microsoft template and more of a whatever-is-available-on-download-because-it-is-cool-or-it-is-recommended-by-a-friend-but-still-short-of-running-on-Linux DIY mixture, how much more un-Microsoft I could get?

The default browser is Firefox, the default messenger is Y!M, the default email is Google Mail, the default anti-virus is AVG, the default audio player is Winamp, the default video player is Quicktime, and the default desktop publisher is Open Office.

Now to re-orient the technophobic mom on how Open Office works. But I guess she had that figured out while I was not around the residence for three days last week. Currently, I am the one who is doing all the adjusting.

To continue, I am not sure if Microsoft delves into these applications as well but the default chat relay is mIRC, the default blogger is Blogspot, the default web host is Angelfire, the default download manager is Free Download Manager, the default P2P application is LimeWire, the default social networking tool is Friendster, the default tag is TagBoard, the default commenting system is HaloScan, the default RSS compiler is Bloglines, the default search engine is Google, the default collegiate sports site is Ubelt.com, and of course, the default website is Nash Flash.

Need I say more?


Top 20 Flavours of the Week

20 Wala Nang Iba
The Bloomfields

19 A Stormy Night

18 Sorry na Pwede ba
Brownman Revival

17 Love Today

16 Ikaw Lamang
Silent Sanctuary

15 Dear Kuya

14 Little Wonders
Rob Thomas

13 Tatsulok

12 Rocket Ride
Felix da Housecat

11 Signal Fire
Snow Patrol

10 Makes me Wonder
Maroon 5

9 River
Good Charlotte

8 Thnks fr th Mmrs
Fall Out Boy

7 Ambing

6 Hump de Bump
Red Hot Chili Peppers

5 Closer

4 I Don't Love You
My Chemical Romance

3 Sundo

2 What I've Done
Linkin Park

1 Stolen
Dashboard Confessional

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