Cos I feel so generous this morning...

I decide to give another shoutout. This time to an application that I downloaded online that makes subsequent downloading faster. If it was not for Free Download Manager, I was not able to download 109 megs of Open Office. And it took me four days just to finish that one.

So there, updated my links as well.


Top 20 Flavours of the Week

Hoping that this becomes more regular. And I have no idea how to layout this that is why it is arranged this way.


20 Wala Nang Iba
The Bloomfields

19 Sunburn

18 A Stormy Night

17 Love Today

16 Makes me Wonder
Maroon 5

15 Love Team

14 Tatsulok

13 Little Wonders
Rob Thomas

12 Ikaw Lamang
Silent Sanctuary

11 Sorry na Pwede ba
Brownman Revival

10 River
Good Charlotte

9 Thnks fr th Mmrs
Fall Out Boy

8 Dear Kuya

7 Ambing

6 Hump de Bump
Red Hot Chili Peppers

5 Closer

4 I Don't Love You
My Chemical Romance

3 Sundo

2 What I've Done
Linkin Park

1 Stolen
Dashboard Confessional

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Selling prepaid load for sale

Oh, yes. Starting today, I am selling prepaid load of mobile, dialup internet, landline, satellite tv and phone, online games, review cards... Hell, even flowers and retail insurance via SMS.

Code: *product* *amount* *mobile number* send to 9153175658.

Eg: Globe 25 9152146693, Sun 20 922xxxxxxx, Surfster 100 9108888888.

Mode of payment: pay me the next time we meet.

Tell your friends as well. Thanks.


2007 ATP pecking order

Just because.

1. Cecil Mamiit (PHI)
2. Eric Taino (PHI)
3. PJ Tierro (PHI)
4. Paradorn Srichaphan (THA)
5. Roger Federrer (SUI)
6. Rafael Nadal (ESP)
7. Marcos Baghdatis (CYP)
8. Benjamin Becker (GER)
9. David Nalbandian (ARG)
10. Ivan Ljubicic (CRO)

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2007 WTA pecking order

I promised myself I would not overstock on Russians. I just could not help it, sorry.

1. Martina Hingis (SUI)
2. Anastasia Myskina (RUS)
3. Justine Henin (BEL)
4. Daniela Hantuchova (SVK)
5. Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS)
6. Elena Dementieva (RUS)
7. Li Na (CHN)
8. Ai Sugiyama (JPN)
9. Peng Shuai (CHN)
10. Ana Ivanovic (SRB)

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One good link deserves another

And now a word from our sponsors. It is good that some, nay lots, of idle time makes me bump into a surprising treasure. I mean it screams of sheer effort. The fact that the capture was my 2007 F1 drivers entry means that this was made just recently. The least I could do in return is give a shoutout, which now leads us to how egotistic web 2.0 is, which is a different topic altogether and that I would (hopefully) discuss some other time.

It is ironic that that the time I got net access at home is/was the time I posted the least. Maybe this is my way of saying that the web wide world is bigger out there. For a time, thanks to Marthy, he showed me the wonders of wiki-ing. Through that, I discovered myself The Register.

Yeah, I admit. I have not fulfilled my duties as a blogger, either by principle, by sheer busy-ness, or by plain laziness. Whatever the reason is, I am/was content that this is my glorified web browser bookmark, until I bumped into that link page. If this is not link spamming, I do not what is.

Why in principle? Again, go back to my mini-comment regarding web 2.0. Why busy? I would rather update the Nike Summer League site since that is my current job rather than jab about something and nothing here. As for laziness, that is quite self-explanatory. I have all the time in the world, free internet from the ungodly hours of 12mn-8am, a decent cable service... Why, I am set for life.

As I write, my procrastination has led me to one/two pending articles that I should have passed a long time ago for an ethnocentric magazine, just because I am not in the mood to transcribe two near hour-long recorded interviews. It does not help that the tape recorder goes all Murphy on me and breaks down now.

And then there is my sassified resume on the works, the template I got permission to use from Renan Barco, the next Eric James (just in web design and not in academics) of Heraldo Filipino. I finally convinced myself that a two-page, three-columned, Times New Roman size 12 resume would not cut it with the jaded call center HR people.

And finally, I have two drafts in my blog waiting to get published. Both are the supposed to be yearly pecking order of who gets my appreciation in the men's and women's pro tennis tour. I know, the French Open is just around the corner and I have not even put up the required ten names in either division.

The NBA Playoffs just passed by, the PBA and PBL are passing by, and so are the gazillion collegiate summer leagues out there, basketball or otherwise. Nary a comment or update coming from me, at least here. Nor did I bother posting reviews of The Number 23, 300, and Spider-man 3. Sue me, I just find sending SMS blasts to my mobile phonebook a tad more convenient, sports related or otherwise.

Oh yeah, also on the to-do list are: organize my two Friendster accounts, give a comment to each and every friend in the first account, then when I am done with that, transfer all my friends from my second account to the first one; clean my five email inboxes of trash and spam; delete some inactive groups; tinker my links; tweak my subscriptions and something offline, actually clean and organize the so-called memorabilia in my room... and finally, catch up on my Reader's Digest reading.

Gahd, for the online tasks, give me DSL and a month, I would do them all.


Guess what, my first decent post since the start of the year. Now, to jack up my stats. Thank you, JC.


Before I forgot, my Mari comes without an 'e', no matter how much I love the fifth letter of the alphabet for obvious and numerological (2+3=5) reasons. And as much as I consider that my UAAPgames.com racket was my first big break, I prefer that you link Ubelt instead.

[quote]...moonlights as a sports writer for PDI...[/quote]

...is not exactly accurate. It was just a one-time thing for the 23rd Southeast Asian Games. Now, if the Inq HR actually notice the resume I passed last year is now collecting dust... *grumble* *grumble*

Finally, thanks for letting me 'stolen' an mp3 of Dashboard Confessional. Now, how do I give you Easy's Ambing? For the second time, thank you, JC.


This test got me right!

You're Fiji!

As calm, relaxed, and removed from life as they come, you're just so
chilled out, it hurts people to see you. Everyone aspires to be where you are, but
most of them just can't put their stress away. Little do they know that even you
sometimes have inner turmoil and struggles! For the most part, though, it's sun and
fun for you, and that's the way you like it. It's just sort of hard to get things
done with all that partying.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid


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