Congrats, Kots Koy!

You deserve it! For more NCAA seniors' basketball Game 3 news, click here.


Quick notes

These are what I call classic sports titles:

Roddick Federized

something about Maria Sharapova, bananas, and fingers


In other news...

We might soon see Sharapova in a banana advertisment. Just browse down the page.

The best Sharapova pic I have seen recently.

Patriots, not DLSU-D, trade Deion, not Sanders, Branch, not Michelle, to defending Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks. Is this self-inflicted sabotage or what? At least the Pats won their first week assignment, unlike other squads with the name of Patriots who are nowhere near the form they had a year back.

And the two Korean nations are hellbent on playing as one team in the next Olympics, and if possible, in Doha.


What was it I supposed to talk about?

Oh yeah, I would rather have Michael Schumacher win the F1 Driver's Championship one last time, the New England Patriots regain the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Braves miraculously enter the postseason, the Welcoat Dragons do well in their maident PBA season, and the Indiana Pacers get one over the Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat this year rather than have a girlfriend for the next 365 days.

And when I say it... it usually comes true.


Quit being a quitter!

I have to hammer this down my head every now and then. After four months, I see myself in the same situation again and again. This endless cycle at this time of the year. If I want to stop doing something, it is this one. It gets to be tiring, you know.

Besides... I want to move on, move away. There is a world of opportunity waiting for me out there. Thanks to my friends for making me indirectly realize as they make their own mark out there in the great beyond.

Blah, blah...

I want to be in London by 2012, I need to be in South Africa when the FIFA World Cup kicks off there four years from now. I have to have a DCI rating by the end of the year. I should get Reggie Miller's and Liam Gallagher's autographs before I die. And the list of wants continue.

Now, the options. I could "drop" my 'electives' and concentrate on the big one. Or I could still push myself to get all with the risk of neglecting "the paper".

I don't want to think! Argh!

Must stop listening to post-emo while my blog composer is on... This genre makes you depressed even if you are not.

Because Travis asked nicely...

...and also because he is my direct boss in HF, I present to you his Triple H site.


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