Holdap 'to!

How catchier could it get? Should titles be really something that is quintessential? Why not something direct to the point instead?

Anyway, this post is not an argument on which is the most effective headline or title for a written piece. Rather, I would recount an experience that I know could happen to anyone, have occurred to some people I know, and I having a close call.

It all started when a friend of mine invited me out. They were already in Malate while I just arrived home from a basketball game with my buddies. I was leisurely having a late dinner when my friend messaged me to join them.

Since I was in no hurry, I took my time preparing myself while she kept bugging me through SMS. I told her I’m on my way.

As I was waiting for a jeepney at the corner of P. Sanchez and Bagumbayan, I was checking my mobile every now and then since she kept pestering me with messages. After a few minutes of standing, I saw that the PUJs were making a U-turn at the gasoline station near Sevilla Bridge. So I proceeded there.

As I was walking, I heard footsteps coming from behind. I quickened my pace a bit and I heard the steps behind go faster. Suddenly, a hand grabbed the back of my shirt and he ordered, “Don’t move!”

My first instinct was to struggle so I started shifting and turned to face my assailant with his hand still clutching my shirt. The only sound I heard come out of my mouth were short bellows of “Hey!”

He wasn’t budging and I heard my shirt rip off me. Once I was free, I sprinted towards the pedicab terminal at the corner.

I shouted, “Quick! To Abad Santos (That’s not the hospital. That’s where I live, dimwit)!” They (yes, there were two of them) didn’t bother chasing me although I looked back once in a while to see if they also hailed a tricycle to pursue me.

I could see myself panting but I couldn’t feel the air coming in and out of my respiratory system. My mind was racing.

What bothered me is that the pedicab driver seemed nonchalant with what just happened. Questions were popping in my mind like Pop Rocks with Coke in my mouth. It’s no use ranting “Where’s Batman when you need him?” I would just sound preachy. In the first place, you must have heard the same old questions whenever this happens to you or to someone you know.

Yeah, this left me scarred. Although I’m not yet King Paranoia, my ears catch the slightest screech of rubber coming from behind.

It’s no use cowering in fear. If it’s your time, it’s your time.I still go out at night.


2006 NBA playoffs first round predictions

First game results notwithstanding

Western Conference

Spurs (1) vs. Kings (8)

As much as I appreciate what Ron Artest is doing in his new home, I like Manu Ginobili more.

Prediction: Spurs in 5

Suns (2) vs. Lakers (7)

Come on… this is an easy choice. Kobe scored 81 on just one game. And the reigning MVP would prove that winning that award last year was no fluke.

Predicion: Suns in 4

Nuggets (3) vs. Clippers (6)

Meanwhile, the other Los Angeles team… I like. But then, you have Marcus Camby and Melo at the other side. But someone’s luck has to run out. Denver had it easier this year as compared to last year when they had San Antonio in the first round. The consolation for the Clippers is that regardless what happens in their playoff run, this is a statement season for them.

Prediciton: Nuggets in 6

Mavericks (4) vs. Grizzlies (5)

Interesting matchup over here. I may like Cuban but I don’t still like his team. But he’s been very, very lucky. And for that, I’ll give the series to him.

Prediction: Mavericks in 6

Eastern Conference

Pistons (1) vs. Bucks (8)

Nyargh! As much as I want Detroit to be eliminated as early as the first round, that’s just not going to happen. Besides, I prefer to have a Detroit-Indiana in the conference finals.

Prediction: Pistons in 4

Heat (2) vs. Bulls (7)

Here’s the scenario. Unlike with the Western Conference, where I’m pretty much indifferent except for the Spurs and the Suns, everything that happens in the East should revolve around the Pacers, provided that they hurdle the Nets, which I believe they could.

The Bulls, on paper, would be an easier opponent for the Pacers. However, Indiana won their season series against Miami.

If I feel upset-happy, I’ll put my money on Chicago. When I want to play safe, I’ll bet for the Heat.

Prediction: Heat in 6/Bulls in 7

Nets (3) vs. Pacers (6)

Should I still have to put comments on this series? Remember the 2002 first round encounter of these two teams? That was a classic. It would happen again, but this time, the outcome would be different.

Prediction: Pacers in 7

Cavaliers (4) vs. Wizards (5)

LeBron James’s first playoff would be an eventful one. I like Caron Butler but Gilbert Arenas is such an ass.

Prediction: Cavaliers in 6


The season starts this Monday for the Pacers

The Indiana Pacers finished the regular season in sixth seed after they were victoriuos against the Orlando Magic. This sets up a first round confrontation with Atlantic division winner New Jersey Nets.

It was in 2002 when the two faced in the then best-of-five first round. It was also that time, although the Pacers lost the series, when Reggie Miller had some of his most memorable moments. He hit a 30-foot desperation basket at the buzzer to force overtime. Five minutes later, he forged another extension period by scoring with a dunk.

Despite the rocky 82-game season the Pacers had, I feel good with this year's playoff run.

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It says something about your booking when...

...Your midcard matches are better than your main events. Case in point: Wrestlemania 22.

An 11-minute triple threat championship match? Then Cena and H gets extra airtime? Come on... you could do better than that.

Here's something you don't see everyday...

...yet it's as old as a Sunday cartoon.

On my way to work, I saw a livid dog chasing a bicycle-riding messenger.


2006 WTA Tour top 10

rankings as of April 9, 2006

1. Martina Hingis (25, SUI) – the queen is finally back to reclaim her throne.

2. Anastasia Myskina (12, RUS) – the Russian czarina has to settle for second spot this year.

3. Justine Henin-Hardenne (3, BEL) – she’s getting flak for quitting the Australian Open finals, but I still admire her because she could slug it out with the best of them despite her diminutive frame.

4. Kim Clijsters (2, BEL) – there’s more to Belgium than chocolate (what?).

5. Daniela Hantuchova (15, SVK) – she came out at the time when Anna Kournikova was getting headlines for being a looker. Guess who between the two is still active in the tour.

6. Svetlana Kuznetsova (10, RUS) – there should be one other Russian other than Myskina and Sharapova in my list though I wouldn’t mind putting all of them here as long as they are below the Swiss Miss.

7. Maria Sharapova (4, RUS) – what is a list of the women’s tour without Maria?

8. Lindsay Davenport (5, USA) – at least neither of the Williams sisters made the list.

9. Sania Mirza (39, IND) – the hotshot newcomer. And she comes from a former British colony where they play with wickets instead of rackets.

10. Ai Sugiyama (22, JPN) – token Asian here.

2006 ATP Tour top 10

rankings as of April 9, 2006

Cecil Mamiit (246, PHI) – he may be a sellout, but he has a wicked endgame jig, he won a gold medal, and he’s now playing for the Philippines.

Eric Taino (231, PHI) – same with Cecil save for the dancing.

Patrick John Tierro (932, PHI) – now, a homebred talent that’s part of the Tour although he’s just starting in the Satellite tournaments.

Paradorn Srichiphan (41, THA) – the Asian sensation is still hovering in the top 100.

Roger Federer (1, SUI) – he is the man, bar none.

Rafael Nadal (2, ESP) – a far second in the world rankings is the Spanish sand monster.

Juan Carlos Ferrero (15, ESP) – besides the fact that he is Eric Nicole’s favourite tennis player, he is Eric Nicole’s favourite tennis player.

David Nalbandian (3, ARG) – you’ve got the Russian revolution in the women’s tour and the Spanish armada in the men’s tour. If only these Argentines are named Manu Ginobili or something.

Gaston Gaudio (9, ARG) – or they are playing football or something. But at least Gaston is an Olympic gold medalist.

Lleyton Hewitt (12, AUS) – complimentary Australian for my folks Down Under.


PBL 2006 Unity Cup app list

1. Rain or Shine-St. Benilde Elasto Painters – Junjun Cabatu would give LA Tenorio and Arwind Santos a run for his money in next year’s PBA rookie of the year plum.

2. Harbour Center Portmasters – two names: Ryan “jiggy” Araña and Rico “power dunker” Maierhofer. And… Joseph Yeo and Jerwin Gaco. But what are LA Tenorio, Gec Chia, and Chico Lanete doing in the roster?

3. Teletech Titans – love at first sight. “40 minutes of hell” Jerry Codiñera style. Larry Brown Detroit Pistons sans a Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton.

4. Toyota-Letran Sparks – one word: PJ Cabahug. And this is against my will. Oh yeah, they have JV Casio playing better ball than their resident point guards.

5. Hapee-PCU Teethmasters – Joel Solis and the other Dolphins except for Gabby Espinas.

6. Granny Goose Snackmasters – how come there are three teams with the word “master” in their moniker? Why not name them as Porters, Dolphins, or Tortillos? Marvin Cruz, Abby Santos, “Baby Shaq” JR Quiñahan, and new coach Robert Sison in my rave list.

7. Montaña Pawnshop Jewels – Alex “The Gentleman” Compton should have been in the PBA five years ago. Better late than never though. But what is Karl Bono doing in the lineup? At least Al Magpayo is back.

8. Magnolia Spinners – wonder why they changed from “Milk Wizards”? Maybe they spin doctors to hype out their players. Sorry, Coach Koy, I like you, but…

PBA Philippine Cup app list

1. Alaska Aces – now that Rich Alvarez is gone, let us concentrate on winning and playing more consistent ball. Props for snagging Nic Belasco.

2. Barangay Ginebra Kings – why not cheer for the team of the masa, eh? Who wouldn’t like Eric Menk?

3. Purefoods Chunkee Giants – Kerby Raymundo, Marc Pingris, Jondan Salvador, and Papa Jun Limpot. Why not?

4. Air 21 Express – one word: Renren Ritualo. Dump the rest of the team.

5. San Miguel Beermen – Danny, who?

6. Talk N Text Phonepals – What’s keeping them from breaching the top 5 is that it’s owned by Mr. MVP. Just make sure id0l Macmac Card0na wins rookie of the year.

7. Coca-Cola Tigers – bring back Rudy Hatfield, I say!

8. Sta. Lucia Realtors – two words: Marlou Aquino, I hate.

9. Red Bull Barako Bulls – eh? Because I “cheered” for them that’s why they won last conference.


2006 F1 constructors app list

1. Ferrari (ITA) – would you think I would jump cockpit after a disappointing season?

2. Renault (FRA) – props for these guys for putting McLaren out of the picture. Then again, it was Williams that lost in the four-way fight for the constructor’s championship.

3. Toyota (JPN) – meteoric rise for a relative newcomer, I applaud thee. At least they are already a midcard team.

4. Honda (JPN) – their here again, gone again finishes have been quite frustrating. At least there’s already Toyota to battle them for some Japanese loving and for the distinction of the “best middle-of-the-grid team”.

5. BMW Sauber (GER) – a middle of the pack car that couldn’t ride on the momentum of its little successes.

6. Super Aguri (JPN) – the third Japanese team in F1. Interesting.

7. Midland (CAN) – used to be Minardi. A name change wouldn’t do much and that’s the reason they are still my underdogs. At least there’s Super Aguri and the Red Bull teams to keep them company at the back.

8. Williams (GBR) – this is a team that was just a shadow of its former self and they have fallen by the wayside faster than Minardi could finish a lap. But I like Nico Rosberg.

9. McLaren Mercedes (GBR) – F1’s token heel. Then again, to most F1 fans, Ferrari is the heel. Oh, whatever.

10. Toro Rosso (ITA) – Red Bull is named after a local basketball team, Thai professional boxers, and more recently, an American soccer squad, and two F1 teams. At least this one has Scott Speed. And they are running on V10 Ferrari engines.

11. Red Bull (GBR) – it’s just so wrong when there are two Red Bull teams in one league.

2006 F1 drivers app list

1. Michael Schumacher (GER – Ferrari) – as long as he’s still racing, he’s on top of my list.

2. Felipe Massa (BRA – Ferrari) – and the de facto second driver of Ferrari gets second spot by default.

3. Fernando Alonso (ESP – Renault) – got to give it to him. Youngest F1 driver champion ever. Made the 2005 season interesting even if it was one of the worst in my list.

4. Ralf Schumacher (GER – Toyota) – must be the last name.

5. Takuma Sato (JPN – Super Aguri) – I just love the spunk of this Japanese driver. He’s aggressive even when he’s driving slow cars. That’s why there’s always a slot in him in the starting grid.

6. Scott Speed (USA – Toro Rosso) – first heard him in A1 and his surname caught my attention immediately.

7. Nico Rosberg (GER – Williams) – initially was way down in my list for being an unknown. But after a superb performance in the Malaysian Grand Prix, he made heads turn, mine included.

8. Jenson Button (GBR – Honda) – he is part of the new wave of F1 drivers that I admire.

9. Reubens Barrichello (BRA – Honda) – don’t feel bad. At least you are still in the top 10.

10. Jarno Trulli (ITA – Toyota) – someone I interchange with Fissichella for being Italian.

11. Giancarlo Fissichella (ITA – Renault) – someone I interchange with Trulli for being Italian.

12. Nick Heidfeld (GER – BMW Sauber) – used to be in my top 5 during his early years. Has fallen in my radar after so-so performances. Must be the car. Man, he’s super loyal.

13. Mark Webber (AUS – Williams) – this former Minardi driver has hit pay dirt. Must be because he was able to survive that “attritious” Australian Grand Prix where there were only ten cars left running and he scored a point after placing sixth. That, if I’m correct, would be Minardi’s only point for that season. I wonder what he has that Alex Yoong didn’t have that’s why the Malaysian had to contend himself driving in A1. At least Yoong reached podium driving for Malaysia.

14. Christijan Albers (NED – Midland) – brownie points for having the courage to steer F1’s slowest car.

15. Tiago Monteiro (POR – Midland) – same as above.

16. Christian Klein (AUT – Red Bull) – used to drive for a backmarker. I guess he still is.

17. Jacques Villenueve (CAN – BMW Sauber) – I don’t know why he’s this down low. I guess he should realize that he should move on. Michael Schumacher is contemplating retirement in two to three years, why not him also?

18. Kimi Raikonnen (FIN – McLaren Mercedes) – in the three-way fight last year, someone has to be the heel. Plus McLaren isn’t one of my likeable cars.

19. Juan Pablo Montoya (COL –McLaren Mercedes) – I used to like Montoya a lot more. But he sold his soul to be in McLaren.

20. Yuji Ide (JPN – Super Aguri) – prove your worth and see yourself rise on my list.

21. Vitantonio Liuzzi (ITA – Toro Rosso) – who’s this guy? Whatever happened to more familiar names like Jos Verstappen?

22. David Coulthard (GBR – Red Bull) – and he’s the reason why I’m not interested with McLaren. Or does this go back to the time when he was the second driver behind Mika Hakinnen?

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