Ateneo Booters Finish On Top After First Round

Ateneo de Manila University was back where it was for most of the UAAP men’s football season: all alone on top. The Blue Eagles did not play up to par but their effort was enough for a 1-0 conquest of University of the East to conclude the first round at solo first place with four wins.

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Pics of the UAAP scandal



Far Eastern Hands Ateneo Its First Loss

Jovanie Simpron of Far Eastern University singlehandedly dealt Ateneo de Manila University’s first defeat in UAAP men’s football, scoring both goals in a 2-0 victory at the Ateneo football grounds on January 23.

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Ateneo Flies To Solo First

The Eagles have not landed. On the contrary, Ateneo de University is high up above in UAAP men’s ootball as they edged University of Santo Tomas, 2-1, on January 20 to remain the only undefeated team in the tournament.

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Flavour of the Week

1 Home - Daughtry
2 Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
3 How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
4 Sala - Pupil
5 Walang Misteryo - Imago
6 Apologize - Timbaland presents One Republic
7 Bubbly - Colby Cailat
8 Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
9 Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
10 Sayang - Rivermaya
11 Call Center - Cambio
12 Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
13 Tattoo - Jordin Sparks
14 Nangangawit - Sugarfree
15 Pasaway - Cambio
16 Headlines - Spice Girls
17 Stronger - Kanye West
18 Last Look - Chicosci
19 Magsasaya - 6Cyclemind
20 Papaya Song - Urszula Dudziak



Ateneo Drubs DLSU

It was a veritable mismatch as Ateneo de Manila University overwhelmed disoriented De La Salle University, 4-0, right in the Eagles’ nest at the Ateneo football field on January 17 for its second victory in UAAP men’s football.

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Your result is: business / law

You're all about the benjamins, baby! And you'll probably end up getting them either in finance or technology (or maybe politics if you're crooked).

Good schools for you are Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.




Tigers Win Via Spot Kick In Extra Time

University of Santo Tomas started the defense of its UAAP men’s football title in a good note after defeating De La Salle University, 2-1, on January 13 at the Ateneo football field.

Ricardo Becite stroked a beautifully placed free kick from just the perimeter of the left-hand side of the penalty box as injury time rolled in. The Tigers' other goal come from a corner kick in the 23rd minute when Meloton Pelayo flicked in a header from Becite.

"Patience lang daw sabi ng mga players," said UST coach Marjo Allado. "Hindi sila nag-give up."

Nikko Paolo Villa provided the lone goal of De La Salle in the ninth minute after recovering a long forward pass when the ball hit a muddy spot in the penalty box.

Santo Tomas controlled the majority of the match, relying on long ball attempts. However, the España-based crew made hay from set plays instead.

"Noong player ako, hindi ako nanalo sa (De) La Salle, draw lang," Allado recalled, finally winning one against the green and white, but as a coach.

In other games, Jovani Simpron accomplished a hat trick to lead Far Eastern University in a 6-1 trashing against University of the East, while Ateneo de Manila University won against UP, 2-1.

In the distaff, the Lady Eagles gained headway by beating next door neighbor State, 1-0, while UST and DLSU settled for a scoreless draw.

In juniors action the day before, De La Salle Zobel and Ateneo High School both rained goals on their opponents with the Junior Archers shutting out Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Educational Foundation, 11-0, and Ateneo blanking UST, 7-0.




This has got to be the best Fster bulletin evarrr

Akala ko lang naman magiging iba ang
araw na ito. Akala ko magiging normal
lang ang feeling ko, yung tipong
ordinary day lang. Yun naman ang
laging gusto kong mangyari tuwing
sasapit ang araw na ito eh. Pero a few
weeks before, naging masaya ako kasama
mga friends ko. Kaya akala ko rin
makakaya kong magsaya or magcelebrate
ngayon not for my sake, but for
theirs. As usual, gusto ko maging
masaya mga tao sa paligid ko, kahit
ang kapalit ay ang sariling kasayahan
ko o ang tunay kong pakiramdam. Kaya
nga naisip ko, dahil gusto nilang
magcelebrate, ise-celebrate ko na lang
rin ang araw na ito kasama nila (as
per their request). I thought we'll
all be happy; I thought I can try and
forget about my "the day ritual". Pero
a few minutes before this day, ayun,
biglang umatake out of no where ang
lagi kong nararamdaman kapag ika-15
araw ng taon.

Hindi ko ma-explain kung ano talaga
ang feeling ko. Basta, parang merong
something inside me na nagpupumilit
lumabas. Ang problema, sobrang manhid
na ata ako talaga na hindi ko mailabas
ang nararamdaman ko. Yun pa ang isang
lalong nagpapahirap at nagpapasakit ng
damdamin ko. Gusto ko na ngang pigain
ang puso ko, kung pwede lang, ginawa
ko na talaga. Mailabas lang kung ano
man talaga itong nasa loob ko.

Basta, sana lang meron akong
mapagrelease-an nito. At sana rin,
matapos na ang araw na ito, para maka
balik na ako sa dati kong anyo...

... Cinderella (nakuha pang magpatawa)


In today's news...

Golden Globes got crickets due to strike. To which I respond, so what?

Meanwhile, somebody was able to rob a bank located in front of the FBI building in Washington, DC, and it took ten hours before somebody realized that money was missing. Send in CSI, I say.


SMS count:


NBA replay and SMS count

All the while I thought this only happens in the UAAP.

Ticket holders will get a bonus minute that day. It is like watching two games but not.


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How Psycho-T could you get?

I now have a team to cheer for this March. Besides UCLA.



Nash Flash Yearend 100

1 Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
2 Never Let Her Slip Away - The Bloomfields
3 Because of You - Ne-Yo
4 Closer - Travis
5 Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
6 Sundo - Imago
7 What I've Done - Linkin Park
8 Sunburn - <s>andwich
9 Home - Daughtry
10 Tatsulok - Bamboo
11 Walang Misteryo - Imago
12 Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
13 Anghel - Stonefree
14 I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
15 Sala - Pupil
16 The Saints are Coming - Green Day and U2
17 Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
18 Hump de Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers
19 How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
20 Inosente Lang ang Nagtataka - Rivermaya feat Raimund Marasigan
21 Sayang - Rivermaya
22 Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
23 DVD X - <s>andwich
24 7 Black Roses - Chicosci
25 Dear Kuya - Sugarfree
26 Love Team - itchyworms!
27 I'd Rather be Green than be Blue - Various Artists
28 Papaya Song - Urszula Dudziak
29 Director's Cut - Kamikazee
30 Makedamnsure - Taking Back Sunday
31 Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
32 This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
33 Headlines - Spice Girls
34 How to Save a Life - The Fray
35 The Great Escape - Gwen Stefani
36 Beautiful Girls - Jojo
37 Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
38 Grace - Hardboiledeggz
39 Love is my Religion - Ziggy Marley
40 Ambing - Easy
41 River - Good Charlotte
42 Sabihin - Zelle
43 Nakapagtataka - Spongecola
44 Signal Fire - Snow Patrol
45 Isang Bandila - Rivermaya
46 Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
47 Window in the Skies - U2
48 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
49 Second Minute Hour - Jack Penate
50 Champion Sound - Fatboy Slim
51 First Time - Lifehouse
52 Sorry Na, Pwede Ba - Brownman Revival
53 Working Class Hero - Green Day
54 Sugar Tunes Numa Numa - Balan
55 Irreplaceable - Beyonce
56 Ikaw Lamang - Silent Sanctuary
57 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte
58 Sanctuary - Callalily
59 Call Center - Cambio
60 Apologize - Timbaland presents One Republic
61 Traydor - Bok 76
62 Don't Bother - Akon
63 Kung Ayaw Mo na sa Akin - Sugarfree
64 You Touch My Tralala - Gunther
65 Magbalik - Callalily
66 Umbrella - Rihanna feat Jay Z
67 Florescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
68 Wala Nang Iba - The Bloomfields
69 Panalangin - Moonstar 88
70 Nothing New - Hilera
71 Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
72 Love Today - Mika
73 Probinsyana - Bamboo
74 Oh! Gravity - Switchfoot
75 It's All True - Tracey Thorn
76 It's not Over - Daughtry
77 Prinsesa - 6Cyclemind
78 Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer
79 Sana, Sana - J.C. Radio
80 Rhyme without Reason - Hilera
81 Gimme More - Britney Spears
82 Candy - Ash
83 Dulo ng Dila - Pupil
84 Could Have Been - Frio
85 Alive - Frio
86 Iskul Bukol - The Bloomfields
87 Tuliro - Spongecola
88 Grace Kelly - Mika
89 Real Girl - Mutya Buena
90 Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva
91 Vertigo - U2
92 BYOB - System of a Down
93 Ale - The Bloomfields
94 Will You Ever Learn - Typecast
95 Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
96 Rocket Ride - Felix da Housecat
97 Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional
98 When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44
99 Ewan - Imago
100 Blanko - Session Road

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My test results do not lie!

Your Kissing Technique Is: Sweet but Shy

You *are* a good kisser, but you probably don't believe it.

Maybe you are a little inexperienced or a little shy, but you truly know what you're doing.

So relax and take a few risks the next time you kiss someone.

You'll probably drive them wild!

Are You a Good Kisser?



Headlines today and yesterday

Green is gone, back in black

After all the hysteria of a vindicated collegiate basketball season and the end of the Christmas holidays at the Feast of the Magi, the temporary green locks is shaved off for a more natural hue. That social experiment served two purposes: a one-time only experience for me (besides showing my school's colors at the climax of the hoop season) and actually quantify the velocity of my hair growth.

The one-time experience is self-explanatory. As for the other one, I was always suspect that the mane advancement rate was unusually faster for me than the average Joe next door. This came to my attention when it takes a female friend of mine YEARS before she gets a major. In between, she gets herself permed and made up but these are just reserved for special events like graduation and the like, and I surmise, the occassional trimming.

I, on the other hand, have to commit to have my locks getting scissored at least twice annually lest I end up looking like a short-haired rock star fresh out of bed minus the equally groggy female groupie.

For those who want to keep count, from 11pm of September 12, 2007 (the eve of the quite historic 14-0 sweep of the University of the East Red Warriors in UAAP men's basketball), up to 10pm of January 6, 2008 my strands grew approximately three centimeters during that period. This does not count the few millimeters that got snipped for aesthetic reasons.

Three centimeters may be nothing but tell that to the 50m freestyle Olympic swimmer who was just a tap short between a gold and a silver medal.


Seahawks upend Washington in a flurry of a fourth quarter
Finding myself awake after an hour of snooze after attending the BU EBaks, I turned on the tv to catch just in time the fourth quarter of the Seattle Seahwaks-Washington Redskins NFC wild card game. The score read 13-0 in favour of the Seahwaks.

Going back after a few minutes of a Mythbusters replay, the score was already 14-13 for Washington with just barely four minutes off the clock. Seeing a lot has happened when I was gone, I decided to stick to the game until the end. Guess what. Every moment was a delight to watch.

Recovering from an interception, Seattle forced the Redskins to punt deep in their territory for a touchdown and a two-point conversion for a seven-point margin. On the next run, Marcus Trufant intercepted a long pass intended for Santana Moss then ran down the field for another TD. The former Super Bowl champs then added salt to the wound by scoring another touchdown from an interception as time was winding down.

All in all, both teams combined for 36 points in the final 15 minutes after scoring just a paltry 13 in the first three periods.

That surely kept me awake while at the same time made me anticipate the New England Patriots making history some more.


Unlitxt SMS count (includes balance check and messages sent to other networks)
1/4, 1830H - 1/5, 2000H - 295
1/5, 2100H - 1/6, 2230H - 563


I owe 2007...

...a wicked review of Avenue Q, some debts to pay, and some pending articles for Coded Mushroom.

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