All-NBA appreciation list

By conference

1. East – they have Indiana… and Shaq.

2. West – not far behind though are the Spurs and Suns.


By division

1. Central – let me count the ways. The strongest division along with Southwest, Indiana, Chicago, Cleveland. Four reasons to like this division.

2. Southwest – Texas Triangle, anyone?

3. Pacific – if not for Phoenix, Golden State, and the Clippers they would be sixth by default because of the Lakers.

4. Northwest – they have Denver, Minnesota, Seattle, Utah… and Portland.

5. Southeast – Miami and a little bit of Washington I like.

6. Atlantic – New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia… bad.


By team

1. Indiana Pacers – MVP = O’Neal, DPoY = Artest… wait, let me replace that one. DPoY = Jackson. Then, ROY = Jasikevicius, Sixth Man = Jones, MIP = Harrison, Sportsmanship/Community = Jackson. A sweep of the individual awards, why not? But it would be sweeter if they got the big ring.

2. Phoenix Suns – questionable transactions here and there, releasing Q and Joe Johnson, but they still have the reigning MVP in their lineup. Plus Boris Diaw is impressing me and they have James Jones. Looks like that trade with Atlanta was just even.

3. Houston Rockets – three people: Yao Ming, Rafer Alston, and Juwan Howard. Might as well include Jon Barry and Felton Head. I say trade T-Mac for someone like Jason Richardson and they’ll automatically get second spot in my list.

4. San Antonio Spurs – what’s not to like with San Antone? TD stands for Totally Dominating, Tony Parker is the total package, and Manu Ginobilli is one mean ‘Gentinian.

5. Denver Nuggets – K-Mart aside, this is a likeable team. Marcus Camby has shed off his underachiever tag, Andre Miller is still steady, Voshon Lenard is back, Melo is cool, and they still have the NBA’s shortest player in their lineup. Thumbs down for Nene’s season-ending injury though.

6. Boston Celtics – it’s Paul Pierce and his crew. Finally, Celtics management has wisened up and released Antoine Walker to oblivion. Plus they have Dan Dickau. How cool is that?

7. Cleveland Cavaliers – King James, Z, Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, and Drew Gooden are all good to me. Add to that they have former Pacer assistant coach Mike Brown as head tactician. Just get a better point guard.

8. Atlanta Hawks – I didn’t know that dumb team owners actually exist. Nevertheless, even if they have the worst record right now, I like them because they have two of the guys in the league that I like: Al Harrington and Joe Johnson.

9. Chicago Bulls – they may be down there in Central, but it just shows how strong that division is this year.

10. Memphis Grizzlies – Pau Gasol and Shane Battier. What is not to like with this team? Fantasy-wise, they also deliver.

11. Golden State Warriors – Jason Richardson, yes. Baron Davis, no.

12. Minnesota Timberwolves – if only for three guys. KG, Rashad McCants, and Wallly Szczerbiak. The Alien and the Predator are finally gone. You should have put your pay cut to better use, Kevin. Oh yeah, Marko Jaric is also in the lineup.

13. Los Angeles Clippers – it’s more because of Elton Brand and Corey Maggette and the fact that they are higher than their roommate Lakers in the standings right now. Have less of Sam Cassell though.

14. Washington Wizards – gone maybe is Hughes, but in return they have Caron Butler in replacement for dud Kwame Brown. They still have Jared Jeffries, Etan Thomas, and Michael Ruffin in the roster although Gilbert Arenas and Chucky Atkins are acting up as of late.

15. Toronto Raptors – how bad are the Raptors? Everybody has deserted them up to the point that the only guys worth mentioning are Chris Bosh, Mo Pete, and that Bonner guy. Chris Villanueva, who?
16. Utah Jazz – when would Jerry Sloan retire? Probably when AK47 finally wins DPoY. I heard they have a passable team out there with Mehmet Okur, Raul Lopez, and some quality rookies. Boo for Carlos Boozer.

17. Dallas Mavericks – I may be reading Mark Cuban’s blog, but it doesn’t I like his team or how he manages his team. Good thing they finally disposed Michael Finley. In comes Doug Christie. But I still couldn’t stomach that Jason Terry, Keith Van Horn, and Jerry Stackhouse are teammates. The young guys are good though. Why don’t they just waive the old underachievers so that the likes of Howard and Daniels get more playing time?

18. Sacramento Kings – Sacaramento, who? I don’t know this team anymore. They are so unrecognizable, Darius Songaila is already in a different team. If only they agree to a Peja-Artest straight up trade, then maybe I might be a happier person by then.

19. Charlotte Bobcats – there’s something with the team when the guy you like the most is named Primoz Brezec. Then again, they also have Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace, Brevin Knight, and Kareem Rush. Nothing special with them though. Just means I know some of the players in their lineup.

20. Milwaukee Bucks – after Andrew Bogut, all you have left is fantasy-unfriendly Michael Redd and new acquisition Bobby Simmons. Simmons should have stayed with the Clippers.

21. Seattle Supersonics – Vladimir Radmanovic is underachieving. Still, I have Rashard Lewis in my fantasy teams even if I don’t like Ray Allen.

22. New Orleans/Oklahoma Hornets – who are the people in your neighborhood? After Chris Paul, what?

23. Orlando Magic – I like the Magic because they have Jameer Nelson. That’s it. I abhor the rest of the team. Maybe not Josh Howard, but he’s in no fantasy team of mine. And Kelvin Cato, my utility center is drawing up blanks recently.

24. Miami Heat – with or without Pat Riley, they would still be low in my list for the simple fact that the president-now-coach acquired NBA trash Jason Williams, Gary Payton, and Antoine Walker. At least all of the garbage would remain in Florida. I may like Dwyane Wade, but I hate the guts of the Heat’s new coach.

25. Portland Trailblazers – do you think I would actually go for Darius Miles? Maybe. But I like Sebastian Telfair more. Plus they have this cool Korean center. When would the time come when a Filipino would say, “Reprezent!”

26. New Jersey Nets – Vince Carter in your roster? Automatic minus points for you. Sorry, Scott Padgett and Richard Jefferson.

27. Detroit Pistons – you would eventually lose, I assure you that.

28. New York Knickerbockers – as long as they have Isaiah Thomas as team manager, the Knicks aren’t going anywhere. Now, would they bite with a Q-Artest trade offer?

29. Philadelphia 76ers – where Iverson goes, that’s where your team goes. Even if you have Willie Green, Samuel Dalembert, and Kyle Korver in your lineup.

30. Los Angeles Lakers – Phil Jackson could just do so much so that I would like a squad that has a Kobe Bryant in it.


What's down with the Pacers?

Me feels that losing Ron Artest is taking its toll on the Indiana Pacers.

It's starting to sink in. Dropping their last two with defending champion San Antonio at the road next in the schedule. Running fourth in Central with a 15-10 record. Seven and a half games behind league-leading Detroit. This is not the same team that was predicted to have a three-way tie at the top of East along with the Pistons and Miami Heat.

Losing the DPOY plus 18 points, three steals, give or take six rebounds, and on a good day, some assists here and there. Those aren't just ideal fantasy statlines, but the intangibles should be taken into consideration as well.

Danny Granger is doing good as replacement in the 3-position, but Stephen Jackson is no Artest. When the Pacers routed Cleveland during Thanksgiving, Artest was guarding LeBron straight. In their loss against the Cavs on Christmas eve morning, it took a plethora of defenders to contain King James. 14 points on 4-16 shooting. Not bad coming from a combined effort of Fred Jones, Jackson, and Austin Croshere.

However, it freed up Drew Gooden and Damon Jones in the process. Gooden's 21-point and 10-point output augurs well for my fantasy teams, but not at the expense of the Pacers!

I am part of history

Despite the holiday blues I'm suffering from right now, I'm still a happy person. The New England Patriots won the 555th and last telecast of Monday Night Football on ABC.

In the first MNF broadcast, the New York Jets lost to the Cleveland Browns, 21-31. 36 years and 554 games later, the scoreboard read: Jets 21, Patriots 31. This completes the circle of life... in sports.

This game has some interesting sidelights as well. Vinny Testaverde set a new record by being the only quarterback to have at least a touchdown in 19 consecutive seasons. Mike Vrabel is the only player who has two touchdowns and a sack. Tom Brady hit 4,000 yards passing in a season in this game, the 35th quarterback to do so in history. Finally, this is the first time in NFL history where two 40+-year old quarterbacks played.

It's good to be part of history.


More Christmas blah-blah

The sole reason why I am logging on in the holidays (besides attempting to update my NBA fantasy teams) is to email to my editor my article. What luck when I didn't save it in the diskette I brought yesterday. Now, the diskette is acting up.

Top ten artists that were cut from the Eraserheads tribute album

10 Kelt’s Cross/Prettier than Pink – before there was Atari, there was Jeng Tan.

9 itchyworms! – before the worms were changing keys, signatures, and tempos in the middle of Antipara, the Heads were already doing it as early as Fruitcake. Case in point, Old Fashioned Christmas Carol and Trip to Jerusalem. And there was Toyang even before that.

8 Rivermaya – they were always second fiddle back in BMG. Guess who is still alive and kicking.

7 Pupil/The Mongols – it was all Ely Buendia’s fault that’s why they broke up in the first place.

6 Sandwich/Squid 9/Cambio/Pedicab – and Ely made sure that the three other members have nothing to do with any Eraserheads-related projects after they disbanded.

5 Tito, Vic, and Joey – for making the EHeads make ‘rampa sa Senado’ after making a big deal out of Alapaap and its supposed references to drugs. Besides, the four-piece combo was more at chums with Apo Hiking Society.

4 Jose Mari Chan – for claiming that Constant Change and Beautiful Girl sold more than any of the EHeads’ albums. Yeah right, Atenean.

3 Parokya ni Edgar – for unabashedly imitating the Eraserheads then later bash the legendary group in Yes, Yes, Show. Now you know why I hate Ateneans.

2 Wolfgang – for making the EHeads’ life miserable every NU107 Rock Awards.

1 Ed Formoso – for making the EHeads’ life miserable while they were recording Ultraelectromagneticpop. Sskus Osmorof.


Christmas blah-blah

There must be a better way to celebrate Christmas. I mean, I got dumped by my date the eve of Christmas eve, the Pacers lost to the Cavs, and the Alaska Aces was defeated by the Baranggay Ginebra Gin Kings.

But I don't mind getting that phone call from
Bjoe or that Kenny didn't die in this South Park Christmas episode I saw.

All Ultraelectromagneticjam

Ultraelectromagneticjam dissected track-by-track

Alapaap, 6Cycle Mind – nice rendition to kick off the cd. The delay guitar effects give the song a more ‘ethereal’ feel. EHeads’ original outro of drums looped in reverse is still better. Chuck Isidro must be thinking to himself, “Why did I associate myself with that Wency fag in the first place?”

Magasin, Paolo Santos – I just had to laugh. Paolo Santos is too “wholesome” for this song, if you know what I mean. Skipped this track.

Spoliarium, Imago – guitars are better than the original, which Ely Buendia admitted in Pillbox was an experiment in progress. Aia de Leon did ok. But nothing still beats Ely repeating the line “Pag-ikot ng mundo” endlessly despite the fact that they were already playing around with loops and samples that time. The original fadeout was breathtaking, literally and figuratively.

Overdrive, Barbie Almalbis – a Lasallian trying to pass as an “Isko”. Don’t have a car nor a license? Really now. Imago’s version in the soundtrack of Quark Henares’ Y Tu Mama Tambien-inspired film was better. Aia has a sexier voice. The “ginataang susi” spiel, which was included in Anthology, was cut. Reciting the “menu” gives the straightforward but witty tune humour and an identity that would forever trademark as classic EHeads.

With a Smile, South Border – this trying-hard-to-be-RnB showband just destroyed the song that shaped my formative years. The piano intro sounded like Smashing Pumpkins’ “Thirty-three”, don’t you think?

Tikman, Sugarfree – if Ebe Dancel wrote a feel-good song, this would be it. Somehow, their take on it gave it more sex appeal. Imagine Ebe doing a vocal Marc Abaya. Now, that’s cool.

Ligaya, Kitchie Nadal – another Lasallian doing a UP thing. We all know it’s the Lasallians who ask others to do their theses and not the other way around. Besides, this is a “swooning” song. It’s meant to be sung by a lovelorn male to his suitor. Imagine a female singing this to you. This is so lesbian. Forwarded to the part where Kitchie giggled. Skipped the rest of the cut.

Torpedo, Isha – vocals were ok. The pre-refrain guitar fill sound ‘forced’ though. Skipped when Isha replaced the lyrics with “Nagri-ring na ang cellphone mo”. Maybe if the EHeads performed this back in 1999, it may sound fresh. It just doesn’t have the same ring, pardon the pun, when done half a decade later.

Superproxy 2K6, FrancisM and Hardware Syndrome feat Ely Buendia – best vocals in album. Threw me off when FrancisM ‘improvised’ during the middle part of the song. Now that’s what you call EHeads ‘presence of mind’.

Huwag kang Matakot, Orange and Lemons – I heard snippets of Tikman and Julie Tearjerky there. It’s cool when the EHeads or even Rivermaya does it. But it sounds freaky when a band accused of ripping off new wave songs does it. The message probably is, “Huwag kang matakot mag-ripoff, OnL.”

Pare ko, Spongecola – a rollercoaster adaptation. Hooks you in the intro and first stanza, falls in the second verse, then picks up again in the chorus. Repeat process for the reminder of the song. A pogi rock band singing a lovelorn ditty. That’s like the irony of the century. Ateneans are always on top of girls’ dream lists. They just couldn’t pull it off. This song is out of character for them.

Huwag mo nang Itanong, MYMP – is not a love song. It’s not meant to be “cute-ified”. Spare this one, MYMP. Skipped this track to preserve my sanity and dignity.

Hard to Believe, Cueshe – I find it hard to believe that Cueshe was included in this compilation. Besides, I have no time to listen to bands that ripoff Australians. Or as in the case of OnL, obscure British new wave acts.

Alcohol, Radioactive Sago Project – is no Astro but it is right in Lourd de Veyra’s alley. Cigarettes and alcohol?

Maling Akala, Brownman Revival – most likely you have already heard this on the radio. It’s fit to be transformed into reggae.

Ang Huling El Bimbo, Rico J Puno – Pleasant surprise here. Sounded so 1970s. Something that Rico J would actually swoon in his prime.

Para sa Masa, Various Artists – Props for Marcus Adoro for cameoing. Denouement for a 50-50 tribute album. Notice that 50-50 resembles so-so. Denouement because it doesn’t close or end. It just keeps on falling. This is a tribute song, not a ‘statement’ song. Keep Nida Blanca or FPJ out of this.

Verdict: For the diehard, get Anthology instead. For the obsessive-compulsive collector, what the hell. For fans of artists that have lost their creative juices early in their career, get this one. This would be their best output for the rest of their lives.

Rating: 2.0. I’m still generous at this point.


Best tracks (in order. Best on top):

Superproxy 2K6
Maling Akala
Ang Huling El Bimbo

Worst tracks (also in order. Worst on top):

With a Smile
Huwag mo nang Itanong

Best vocals (in order from top to bottom):

Superproxy 2K6

Best guitars:



Artists that should have been included in Ultraelectromagneticjam instead aka the Ultraelectromagneticjam revised playlist

RivermayaShake yer Head

For the duration of the EHeads’ existence, there’s nothing Rivermaya could do but shake their heads. Still, it would be nice to hear how Rico Blanco would do this philosophical piece.

Apo Hiking SocietyPare ko

A group that is known for their songs about friendship. I know they already did a version of this in their Apo-does-the-current-hits album. They did all right in the Nescafe Open Up Party… Live cd.

True FaithKama Supra

I didn’t how Medwin Marfil took it when BMG executives had his name blotted out of the Fruitcake album sleeve. And it would be interesting how Medwin would sing a tune that mentions his name.

Agot IsidroWith a Smile

For someone that was linked to Ely Buendia, Agot Isidro should have remade Smile instead of overused Regine Velasquez.

Ryan Cayabyab with the San Miguel Philharmonic OrchestraAng Huling El Bimbo (instrumental)

After Ely and the gang did justice with Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling ka (which was also destroyed to pieces by the overused Regine Velasquez), this would have been a nice payback. An instrumental El Bimbo which utilizes a full orchestra. This time, no more synths for the violin parts at the outro.

Prettier than PinkEasy ka Lang

Well, they had a song titled Cool ka Lang.

Rubber IncSpoliarium

If I’m correct, Rubber Inc is composed of EHeads sound engineers (a technical term for roadies) Enteng and Garry. I don’t know though who is the Joey they are referring in this song.

TungawBalikbayan Box

It was the Tungaw vocalist who provided the inspiring “Wala nang sense ang ating mundo” line. It should be proper that he does a new rendition of Balikbayan Box.

Rico J PunoKaliwete

If they let Rico J did this instead of El Bimbo. Imagine Rico going, “Sabi ko sa mga EHeads, mag-ayos lang sila ng upo.” Wicked.


Aia de Leon’s is better than Barbie Almalbis’.


Let’s see if they could do an Antipara with an actual EHeads song.


Let Ebe Dancel inject the same feel-my-pain emotion in this already heartbreaker of a piece.

Bonus tracks:

Try to guess the artists' connection with the song

Parokya ni EdgarHarana
SpongecolaWaiting for the Bus
Sa Wakas
Shiela and the InsectsShirley
Put3SkaBogchi Hokbu
Sharon CunetaPara sa Masa
Kris AquinoGame! Tama na!
Moonstar 88Lightyears
Joey Pepe SmithPoorman’s Grave
The DawnRise and Shine
SandwichParu-parong Ningning
Da PulisPolicewoman

For sheer irony, I included these two:

Orange and LemonsHuwag kang Matakot
CuesheHard to Believe


Some thoughts


Everything takes a whole new meaning when strange events occur to you afterwards. The night after I watched the movie, then again later.

Man, this is so freaky. If this is a game, then I don’t to play with it. I have dared myself enough.

And this is the reason why I couldn’t start doing that friggin’ reaction paper even if it’s worth my passing grade. I just couldn’t start, and I couldn’t finish. I don’t what would happen afterwards.

As I while away, distracting myself, listening endlessly to The Care’s Chandeliers, these are just mere ruses to escape the situation. I don’t need to recount what I felt and what happened. They would forever be etched in my mind. You go figger.

Should I for documentation purposes or should I not?



As an addendum, I saw someone who was making fun one scene in the said movie. Saw her during prelims week with a cast wrapped around her arm.

Evil does exist. Or is it just my paranoid mind working overtime?


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire analyzed

First things first… What, no quidditch? Oh yeah, before I smash this latest silver screen installment to pieces, first a disclaimer. I might slip and mention events in book five and six. At least you’re forewarned. Another thing, this is the only time I experienced when a movie version of a book you’ve most probably already read would still have spoilers in it. It’s not because they changed a lot of details, it’s more because they intentionally left out some things that should have stayed intact after leaving the editing room.

Probably it’s the Communications major in me talking but it doesn’t help that you have three other Comm major to massacre the movie with. And we are not one of the happiest bunch who left the cinema. Two and a half hours of brainless hell is more like it. We had more fun with the misadventure of where Marthy would spend the remnants of his 12th month pay. But I’m getting ahead.

To return to Harry… What, no quidditch! That was my first reaction when Eric the Pottermaniac told me there wouldn’t be much of the Quidditch World Cup shown on film. Still, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because a devout Harry Potter fan like him enjoyed the movie.

As July, Marthy, Yael, and I go through the ordeal, I remarked while watching the trailers, "Why don’t we just the trailers instead? They seem more fun." I didn’t know I just foreshadowed the next two hours we would be spending in the theater.

Let me see. July pointed out they cut the wand inspection prior to the start of the Triwizard tournament, Marthy mentioned that they underplayed the role of Rita Skeeter and The Daily Prophet, all of us were expecting that bumbling moment between Hermione and Viktor Krum at the Yule Ball, and I still missed my Quidditch World Cup. I’ll point out their significance in the story later.

I tell you, they could make a totally new version of Goblet of Fire with the cut out parts. I tried to defend Couron (or however that director’s surname is spelt) by saying that since the book is too lengthy to be squeezed in into two hours, I charged it to director’s prerogative which stays which gets cut. Then Marthy retorted that it would have been an interesting angle to emphasize Rita Skeeter. Now that I think about it, being student journalist ourselves, we could relate how sensationalized news work and it would be pleasant to watch something familiar to us. Like for me, quidditch.

Besides, this would have been a good prelude on how the Ministry and The Prophet would screw Harry in The Order of the Phoenix.

As for the wand inspection, it would have been better to show the wand inspection so that you would understand why Voldemort’s and Harry’s wands “connected” during their skirmish in the climax. And Dumbledore didn’t provide that much explanation after Harry returned from the graveyard.

I know every Harry Potter fan is expecting the “Her-my-oh-knee, Her-my-ninny” exchange between Krum and Granger. Don’t tell me you weren’t disappointed when you didn’t see that. As for my Quidditch World Cup, I rest my case.

Yes, director’s prerogative all of them. The problem is, he doesn’t know what should have been left out, what should remain. Removing the Hermoine and Krum soiree seemed to imply that he doesn’t share the same sense of humour JK Rowling has.

It appeared that the director already assumed that the audience has already read the book and there’s no point in going to the finer details. Wrong-o! What he cut out were exactly the parts the readers were expecting.

Just now, I know someone who would be watching the movie for the second time because she didn’t understand some parts. And she didn’t read the book. The point is avid readers missed the itsy-bitsy, what more the non-readers? Then again, the counterpoint here is that what they don’t know wouldn’t kill them. Ignorance is bliss in this case.

Unless if you’re trying to do an X-Men where the comics and the movie have their own storylines but eventually marrying them into one later in the series, that’s forgivable. But in this case, everybody’s following the same plot. Everybody knows this would end in the seventh part.

I believe that Rowling wouldn’t do a Book 8 to keep the sanctity of the story intact. Doing so would constitute of selling out.

If initially the criticism was that Daniel Radcliffe couldn’t act, he actually improved in some way. But it wouldn’t be until the Order where we would witness a more emotional Harry Potter.

The problem now is that the whole movie was flat and plain. I wasn’t moved except for the funny episodes of Fred and George. It’s as if they just wanted to get it done with so that they could move on to the fifth installment. One step forward, two steps backward.

And the most anticipated part, the final challenge in the Triwizard Cup and the meeting of Voldemort and Harry in the graveyard came out as if they were just going through the motions.

Wormtail slices hand, cuts Harry, drops Harry’s blood in the cauldron, puts in a fetus-like Voldemort in the mix. Then a mix of a partly-formed Imhotep in The Mummy Returns and the alien in Independence Day of a figure emerged. The Dark Lord and The Chosen One squares each other up, their wands connect, Harry’s parents appear, tells Harry what to do, then escapes with the body of Cedric Diggory in the portkey of a trophy. Voldemort now screams that classic Star Wars-inspired “NOOOOO!!!”
I felt more drama reading it than watching it.

The ending. Remember how it ended in The Prisoner? Harry swishing his wand to roll the credits in. It sucked, right? At least, this one had a better closure. However, there shouldn’t be a closure! People should expect that there would have been a Part 5, with or without the book.

Finally, there’s Dumbledore. Albus in the book doesn’t act this way. He doesn’t stagger, he floats. He doesn’t shout, he merely puts up his hand to show authority. He is gentle, not fierce. Actor’s prerogative not anymore.

I think I have already buried the movie into the depths of Azkaban, might as well tell the good points as saving grace.

Since Emma Watson already bloomed in The Prisoner, her coming of age in the ball was expected but not stunning. But it would have cemented further if they showed that "Her-my-oh-knee" scene with Krum.

Speaking of Krum, Viktor looked like a goon, yes, but I guess they have to choose the most attractive goon-looking teenager in Bulgaria during casting.

The Fleur Delacour in the poster wasn’t as eye-dropping but she proved me wrong in the movie. I might now start having fantasies of her.

Fred and George were in their element, although their screen time didn’t equate the exposure they got in the book. And oh yeah, they didn’t show Harry giving his prize money to fund Fred and George’s joke shop! The role of that shop would be big in Book 6.

Thumbs up for Cho Chang. This is one time where they did the casting right. The last time they did well was with Sirius Black. Cho wasn’t supposed to look eye candy. And it’s a good thing they chose her over Heart *vomit* Evangelista.

Going back to love angles, they didn’t put much colour between Ron and Hermoine, which the tension they were feeling in The Half-Blood Prince was supposedly ignited in Book 4.

I liked what they did with Moody, or Barty Crouch Jr. The eye does move! But doing those zooming effects to emphasize focus bordered on the unnecessary. That was one thing they could have left out instead.

Overachievers were Myrtle and Neville Longbottom. It’s good they are starting to invest airtime for Neville because he has a big role in the next series. Oh yeah, they didn’t also mention why Longbottom was cringing while the Benitezed (aka faked) Moody was performing the Crustaceous curse at the insect. He watched his parents being tortured by Voldemort using that curse, just so you know.

The standards set by the book was this high, however, the movie was this low.

Final verdict: Goblet of Fire is good, but it could have been better. Grade: 2.0/4.0

NU Rock Awards backlash...

Best New Artist: Pedicab

No problem here. Whereever Raimund Marasigan goes, I go.

Artist of the year: Orange and Lemons

Eh? More on this later.

Album of the Year: Light, Peace & Love by Bamboo

Although Bamboo is primarily a Bamboo Mañalac band, NU107 still have to give something for their collective efforts.

Song of the year:
Ako si M16 by Junior Kilat

For a lack of a better choice. I actually like this song. Better than obvious choices The Day You Said Goodnight or Chandeliers Ako, although the latter is not nominated.

Vocalist of the year: Bamboo Manalac of Bamboo

Deserving. Rico Blanco's not around to mess things up.

Drummer of the year: Jerros Dolino of Sheila and the Insects

Pleasant surprise. Although Ria Bautista could have pull it for sheer uniqueness. I mean, how many female drummer vocalists do you know?

Bassist of the year: Niño Avenido of Greyhoundz

Hasn't he won this before? Then again, you aren't left with much of the choice with the other nominees. Except for Donbi Ledesma, everybody else has one once before.

Guitarist of the year: Cynthia Alexander

Didn't see this coming. At least it's not Ira Cruz.

Best Male: Yael Yuson of Spongecola

No surprise here. Pogi rock still rules!

Best Female: Aia de Leon of Imago

Giving a complimentary award to a 'NU107 band'.

Rising Sun Award: Orange and Lemons

Irony right in our faces.

In The Raw: UpDharmaDown

Francis Brew wasn't wrong with this choice.

Best Album Packaging: Claude Rodrigo for Orange and Lemons' Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot

In fairness, their album cover actually looks nice. Must be the reason how they became number one in Tower Records.

Producer of the Year: Cynthia Alexander and Angee Rozul for Cynthia Alexander's Comet Tail

Strike two for Cynthia. Long overdue.

Hall of Fame: Mayric's

After Club Dredd and the Eraserheads, a nice followup. Although Mayric's is still alive.

Video of the Year: Akap by Imago (Directed by Marie Jamora)

Nice visuals. The ABS-CBN writer just didn't know what he was writing

Best Live Act: Kamikazee

I could attest to that in the Pulp Summer Slam.

Listeners' Choice Award:


The Selector Young Music Entrepreneur for 2005 by the British Council: Ian Zafra

I don't know what this is for. Is he related to Jessica Zafra?


Isn't it frustrating that after all this 'hard work' of advocacy, the band we are clamoring to own up to their actions gets rewarded by being awarded as NU107's Artist of the Year, while the song in question becomes the SEA Games' unofficial anthem?

My friend theorized that the NU107 judges were just trying to be 'sarcastic' in handing the award to a band that blatantly ripped off a song. As for the latter, didn't the Philsoc provide the venues copies of Rivermaya's "Posible" or the Jose Mari Chan-penned song to the venues?

The first day would have been forgiveable. I could still stomach it. But by the second day, I grew tired with it. Then on the final day of fencing at the San Juan Gymnasium, they cued Bamboo's
Noypi. They have a copy of that song, how come it only took them that time before they could play that?

Even the athlete I got to talk after the competition, she preferred that her 'victory song' should have been
Noypi instead of Chandeliers... errr... Pinoy Ako.

I'm getting frustrated, man...


You're a bane, Artest!

Just when I got you cheap on a trade, you yourself asked for a trade!

Bad decision and bad timing, Ron.


Richard Gomez is jinxed

Another article that didn't see print. Actually, this was revised when the men's team foil finals results arrived.

Fencers retain overall title

Richard Gomez and his epee teammates' victory late Wednesday night might have been crucial after all. The fourth gold medal won overall by the Philippine fencing team provided enuogh cushion that all they needed to do was hold off Vietnam and Thailand in the final day of 23rd Southeast Asian Games fencing festivities at the San Juan Gymnasium to retain the overall crown in fencing.

And hold off the men's foil team did against Thailand in the semis, 45-38. Ramil Endriano recovered by scoring the last four hits after Nontapat Panchan scored the first two points of the final round. In one instance, Endriano caught the Thai on the air that received a thundering response from the crowd.

"Sabi ko sa mga teammates ko, lumamang lang kami kahit konti para may pondo kasi malakas ang kalaban ko," Endriano said. "Nauna ang puso ko kaya natalo ko siya."

Indonesia got the bronze in men's team foil.

With the men's foil finals versus Vietnam still ongoing, the current medal tally stands with the Philippines with four golds, two silvers and six bronzes, improving on their 4-4-1 standing in the previous SEA Games. Thailand finished with 3-5-4, while Vietnam stands at 2-3-7.

Nevertheless, the Thais gave the Filipinos a scare earlier the day after the host team lost to Thailand in the men's sabre finals, 40-45. The 36-40 deficit proved hard to overcome for anchor Walbert Mendoza against rival Wiradesch Kothny.

And to Kothny, this victory is sweeter for him. "If the team wins, four guys are happy. If you win alone, it's only you who is happy," the Thai Olympian said.

Vietnam and Indonesia took the two bronze medals in men's team sabre.

Singapore won their first gold medal in the women's team foil competition, ovecoming Vietnam, 44-40. Philippines took the bronze along with Thailand.

Late Wednesday night, the men's epee squad defended their championship by defeating Thailand in the finals, 45-42. Singapore and Vietnam took home the bronze medals.


A slow day today

I jinxed myself in shooting. Three days blank, would you believe?


For the first time...

I didn't have a gold-medal day. Unless you count the badminton finals.


For some strange reason, I want to sleep...

...and the SEA Games is just halfway done!


The article that didn't see print

It's so late-breaking it didn't get to reach the printing stages.

Fencers end night with team epee gold

Richard Gomez does not want to be left in the spotlight.

The Philippine men’s epee team successfully defended their title and won the gold after defeating Thailand, 45-42, in the finals of the 23rd Southeast Asian Games last night at the San Juan Gymnasium.

Wilfredo Vizcayno Jr. scored the winning point against Siriroj Ratthapreasert as teammates and supporters rushed towards him to have a belated celebration. Team Philippines routed Brunei in the quarterfinals, 45-19, then later disposed Vietnam, 45-28, in the semis.

Armando Bernal and Avelino Victorino Jr. comprise the rest of the epee squad.
Vietnam and Singapore got bronze.

Earlier, women’s individual epee gold medalist Melly Joyce Angeles claimed responsibility in her squad’s 37-42 loss to Indonesia in the women’s team epee semifinals.

The women’s sabre team could not come out of a 12-point hole it dug itself in and bowed to Thailand, 45-36, in the semifinals.

Indonesia bagged its first gold by beating Thailand with a late game surge, 43-34, in women’s team epee. The women’s team sabre gold went to Vietnam, which downed Thailand in the finals, 45-31.

The Filipinos kept the overall lead going into today’s final events with four golds, a silver and five bronzes, including the third place finishes of Avelino Victorino on Monday and Ramil Endriano late Tuesday in men’s individual epee and men’s individual foil, respectively.

Thailand and Vietnam have two golds so far but the Thais have five silver medals to the Viets’ two.

Angeles surrendered 10 points in her faceoff with Enny Handayani that gave the Indonesians a comfortable 27-22 lead at the end of the sixth round.

Vietnam took the other bronze in women’s team epee while Indonesia also bagged a bronze in the women’s team sabre.

Now you know why I hate Richard Gomez. Masyadong pa-star.

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