My cellphone keypad...

...is worse than Mario Frustration aka Super Mario Forever. How much patient should I be if the keys from six down do not work and the menu/ok button barely responds?

And you would expect me NOT to smash this phone to pieces?


In other news...

32,000+ new OFWs passed the Nursing Board Exam.


unleashing inner deamons?



Things to do online

1. Clean up inboxes.
- Lycos Mail 1 Done, sir.
- Lycos Mail 2 Done, sir.
- Catholic Mail
- Yahoo! Mail
- Google Mail

2. Organize Yahoo! Groups

3. Organize Bloglines

4. Update links

5. Friendster stuff
- give testimonials/comments to friends in first account
- migrate all friends from second account to first account
- give testimonials/comments to the rest

that is it for now...

D-SL-me! Animo broadband!

I am home-line ca. v. 3.0


The SMS's that made my day

SMS in italics

Effective today in the UAAP is the Kirk Long rule:
Fielding two foreigners in a game is OK if there is no effect on the game.

Kirk Long will be immortalized for having that rule.

No need for explanations for this one. Inconsistency is what you get when you have indecisive people running an organization for a long time.


Walang-wala UAAP sa NCAA pagdating sa controversy.

At the same time the UAAP Technical Committee held a press conference regarding the protest De La Salle University-Manila filed on their game against Ateneo de Manila University last week, Paolo Orbeta of College of Saint Benilde got busted in an entrapment operation regarding the point shaving fiasco in the NCAA. Last year, there were reported instances of game fixing especially during CSB games.


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