The luck has faded off

With Talk N' Text losing game seven, CSJL getting doped by the Bombers, the Archers getting routed by UE, Alonso cutting his way to victory. It was good while it lasted, though.


In other stupid news, the Houston Rockets signed Steve Francis back. This comment summarizes my feelings.



Dream PBA finals

This is turning into one. Not exactly because the games are classics. I have barely watched them because of my becoming busy schedule.

Think about this. On one side, you have id0l Macmac Card0na and Don Allado. At the other side, you have Mike Cortez. In this case, TNT wins, 2-1, but I do not mind if the "Cool Cat" had one good shot or two. Many even preferred.

And when Cortez and Cardona engage in a staredown at the middle of the court, you know something is on.



Now I know why...

...comics back then were not taken seriously.


Checking out Fster profiles...

...of female friends: bad idea. Did not feel good after reading the accounts that were scattered with "It's complicated" and "In a Relationship" statuses.

I say, GAME ON!


Had a wicked birthday weekend

Let me count the ways.

1. I had an eyeful of Kady Wilson in Project Green Light and then some Friday night.
2. I felt leet in the La Latina Noche aka the Grupo Filipino Salsa anniversary party, thanks to Iandoc's new rueda moves Saturday night.
3. I got to watch Rivermaya's first gig post-Rico early Sunday. More on this later.
4. Ferrari finished 1-2 for the first time this season with Kimi winning his first race since the Australian Grand Prix.
5. Id0l Macmac Card0na had another monster game with 38 points on 14/17 shooting to eliminate Red Bull. He is a sure shot candidate for Player of the Conference, but I smell MVP. And I am not referring to the owner of the team he is playing for right now.
6. The icing is that the Blue Eagle-bannered San Miguel squad was sent off by Alaska.

How are those highlights for a wicked birthday weekend?

Besides the Project Green Light party as gift to myself (and also as support to the DLSU-Manila women's basketball team), I bought myself those square marble thingies that you supposedly put in aquariums. And I used my Timezone power points to procure those.

Finally, I already have counters I could use when I join Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Next on the wish list are those small dice that go 50 bucks-a-set that Neutral Grounds sell.

God knows I am so thankful for these wonderful series of events.

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