Good thing it's just a dream

If you let me indulge for a moment here, may I share something that happened while I was sleeping this morning.

My dream was as action-filled as it can get. To picture the setting, it was as if I was in a martial law state, and I got accosted/profiled/checked twice in my dream, and it was no deja vu because I had that same experience in two different occasions within the same dream. But it was more than that.

The first time it happened, it was nighttime. I was out somewhere. There were lots of people around, but the streets were deserted. It seemed there was a party where I was, and we were the only people around because, you know, martial law.

Anyway, an army truck pulled up outside where we were. Some military personnel alighted and started barking orders for us to line up on the curb. After we were filed out, I felt fear and terror rise up within me.

They asked some of the people I was with to enter the truck. They looked reluctant, but still did as they were told. I overheard the ones beside me saying to hightail it when the soldiers were not looking. I pictured myself jumping over the fence of a property and hide there until there was daylight, and I was actually thinking, "What if there is a dog? What if the occupants of the house wake up to find someone rustling around the yard?"

Somehow, I was transported to the place I was imagining and the scene ended there. The next thing I see is that I was with my girlfriend and I was lugging my black backpack with my laptop, some clothes, and other personal items inside.

We were in what seemed to be a restaurant, and I was still suffering some trauma from the accosting that I experienced in the night scene. A rash of theft, robberies, and picked pockets were happening, and I was alert because of this. Also count the fact that I was in a martial law state, I was already uppity.

I excused myself to go somewhere, then returned a few moments later to leave the venue. Somehow, while walking away I felt something was off. Something unrelated but I just have to point out, while standing on the sidewalk, I felt her holding my hand.

It was then that soldiers arrived and started to inspect our belongings. I opened my bag and saw clothes neatly folded, but I can not seem to find my laptop. I was transported back to the restaurant as if I was on a flashback and continued browsing through my bag's contents.

When it finally sunk in that I don't have possession of my laptop, I started ranting to my girlfriend why she did not guard my stuff, and all I could see from her reaction was this sheepish look on her face as if to say, "Eeep".

As an aside, I have envisioned that I will rant, or at least air my side, because we still have to have that reconciliatory talk. Going back, I was seething mad, I somewhat half-woke up from it, and a thought entered my mind telling me it was just a dream. Some seconds passed, the scene turned black, and I was already fully awake.

The thing is, I can feel my heart beating fast. Now, I've had terrifying dreams before. From getting shot point blank and having to pretend to be dead the entirety of the dream; getting pulled out of a vehicle then getting shot at the back and feeling the pain). I believe this is the first time I felt tense the majority while my dream was playing back.

As is my practice, I try to connect recent events and experiences on how/why my dreamed turned out as such. Well, there's the spat with the girlfriend, that's pretty straightforward. Then, maybe the hostage crisis going on at Zamboanga right now might have seeped into my subconscious. Maybe since I have to open my bag for inspection when going to the office for work probably contributed to how the dream played out.


The reconciliation talk will eventually - and has to - happen soon since it has been delayed due to circumstances. I do hope it gets pushed through within this week, if not the weekend.

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