2005 NU107 Rock Awards predictions

I admit. This is the year of the good-looking rockstar. If you’re not blind enough to see, it’s everywhere. Ael, Ira, Champ, *cough* Cueshe *cough*.

Whatever happened to real talent? I mean, when the Eraserheads started the OPM rock revolution a decade back, it’s not because they had noses of Brad Pitt and the eyes of Tom Cruise, but because they played music with passion.

It seems that the prerequisite this millennium is to have minimal musical talent while looking like a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy success story. Metrosexual rockers, here we come.

When has rock become sanitized? Kurt Cobain and John Lennon must be turning on their graves right now. Cobain must be saying to himself looking down at us from nirvana, "I killed myself for this?"

But what could I do about it, it’s what makes the cash register ring. And in this age of digital file-sharing and piracy, every peso counts.

If this proves to be a boon or bane to OPM rock, it remains to be seen.

Since I didn’t get to nominate for the NU Rock Awards this year (the last time I did, if I’m right, was a few years back when they still accepted nominations online with the support of a sponsoring website), I present to you a bold prediction on how the nominees and winners would turn out this year. This would be the first time I would be doing this. I usually base my prediction when NU107 releases the list of nominees.

Artist of the Year – Hale
Nominees: Bamboo, Spongecola, Orange and Lemons

No one epitomizes pretty boy rock more than Hale. Other bands are just a far second. Down with Ael, Bamboo, and Ira. Here is rockdom’s new poster boy: Champ!
MTV VJ Mark Abaya pales in comparison. Ely Buendia who? Kupaw rockers Miggy and Jamir don’t hold a candle to this year’s champ.

Listener’s Choice – Hale

Whoever wins Artist of the Year usually is Listener’s Choice.

Best Male – Champ
Nominees: Bamboo Mañalac, Ael, Clem Castro, Mark Abaya


Best Female – Kitchie Nadal
Nominees: Barbie Almalbis, Aia de Leon

The trend continues on the other side of the fence. There is a reason why these two awards are put up this year.
Kitchie overexposed.

Best Vocalist – Champ
Nominees: Bamboo Mañalac, Clem Castro, Aia de Leon, Ael, Ebe Dancel

Pretty boy rockers rule! Groupies drool!
You’re not the best in the lot, but you are the best looking. That should count for something.

Best Guitarist – Ira Cruz
Nominees: Armo, Mike Elgar, (OnL)

Since this is the year of the pretty boy rocker, this is what I call vindication for Ira. Finally, he gets judged for his looks not for how lousy he is with the axe.

Best Bassist – Nathan Azarcon
Nominees: Japs Sergio, Bhuddy Zabala, Mally Paraguya

Although I could play bass guitar, I’m not particular with fellow bass guitar players.

Best Drummer – *insert name of drummer here*
Nominees: *insert name of drummer here*, *insert name of drummer here*, *insert name of drummer here*

*insert comment here*

Song of the Year – Hallelujah
Nominees: Broken Sonnet, Hanggang Kailan, KLSP, Akap

Unfortunately to you Hale groupie, NU107 was wise enough not to play The Day You Said Goodnight. Fortunately, they also didn’t include in their playlist the Chandelier-ripoff Pinoy Ako. At least they have enough decency not to be coerced by ABS-CBN to air their uh… products even if NU sometimes plug ABS shows and vice versa. Then again, the Lopezes have MYX to exploit.

Music Video of the Year – Kwarto
Nominees: KLSP, Akap, Apoy, Pikon, Hallelujah

Having Anna Larucea cameo on it took the cake. Trina of Batang X lives!

Lifetime Achievement – Wolfmann

Not because the guy’s already dead, but because he could have done more if he is still alive. Besides, he is a highly respected person in the scene even if he didn’t have that big a groupie base as compared to Champ.

Album of the Year – Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot
Nominees: (Bamboo), (Spongecola), Hale, Take Two

You know you made it big time when people start singing your song and you don’t get as much airtime as Hale to do so. Plus, the second largest network in the country asks you to create the theme song of their new flagship program.
And it all started with the flimsy but LSS-inducing “Umuwi ka na, baby” line. So, whoever said I dislike OnL for ripping off, think again. 80s music rule!

Producer of the Year – (OnL)
Nominees: (Bamboo), (Spongecola), (Rivermaya), (Greyhoundz)

I don’t know who the producers of their albums are, but most likely whoever wins Album of the Year also would be Producer of the Year. Consistency… and redundancy.

Album Packaging of the Year – Take Two
Nominees: (Bamboo), Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot, (Greyhoundz), Hale

This just shows that I haven’t been to record bars lately. I don’t even know how these artists’ album covers look like.

Raw Award – NA

It’s not that there’s a band named NA. I have no insider information on who Francis Brew would choose as this year’s winner.

Best New Artist – Soapdish
Nominees: Menaya, Up Dharma Down, Kiko Machine, The Late Isabel

Pretty boy vocalist, check. Easy to listen tunes, check. Depressing and easy to relate to lyrics, check. Why Soapdish already has the formula to success!

Sucks to the other new bands. Either they are not pretty enough or they are not pop enough.


I would try to cheer for Red Bull

Some say that one’s allegiance to a team is just psychological.

The fact that the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Braves were the successful teams in the early 1990s when SBN then showed NFL and MLB games made it easy for me to associate myself with them. It helps that I have relatives in both states where the cities are located (Texas and Georgia).

Then cable tv arrived and along with it came ESPN and Star Sports. However, their telecasts of American football and Major League were sporadic. Then there was a time I was totally incommunicado with the two leagues when both stations were removed from the channel lineup.

For a time, I was still a Dallas Cowboys fan although Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Deion Sanders one by one left the team. A decade after initially cheering for them, I couldn’t recognize them anymore. Gone was Aikman and the quarterback was just as half as good. What’s worse, the first time I saw them in years, they lost to the Houston Texans.

Houston what? I thought they were the Oilers? See what years of not watching can do to you. It dulls you.

OK, accuse of joining the bandwagon, but I have two lame reasons why I’m going for New England for two seasons now. First of all, they are the defending Super Bowl champions, and second, they are the Patriots. How appropriate.

As for Atlanta Braves, it helps they have been a consistent playoff contender. Just that. Once in a while, I get to read them in local broadsheets.

Gone are David Justice and Darryl Strawberry. For a time, the Braves had Andy Garciaparra. Now, they have Chipper and Andruw Jones. Tom Glavine was recently released. Jon Smoltz is still there, though. At least the more recognizable pitchers are still there.

Timing Seattle Mariners games in Japanese cable channels makes them more known to me than my first team. Then there are the Boston Red Sox… and the New York Yankees who are bent on duplicating what the Los Angeles Lakers and Real Madrid do with their lineups.

I am not what you call a diehard fan, but I try my best to keep updated. I may not know the name of the Braves’ catcher or who is the Patriots’ right wing but at least I know that Atlanta has clinched their nth consecutive division title while the Patriots are doing the most with the spate of injuries they are suffering with right now.

Then there are the St. Louis Blues. I don’t even know how or why I ended up on their side. Must be because I was playing this NHL-ripoff of a computer game. Then there was a time when hockey legend Wayne Gretzsky got traded to the Blues. I tried duplicating that to an actual NHL console game, the AI just wouldn’t budge.

There are three-peat champs Detroit Red Wings. Yeah, ride the bandwagon again. Sorry, but I didn’t. How about the Anaheim Mighty Ducks? Just because they got free plugging from a movie doesn’t mean I’d cheer for them automatically. Their first season sucked anyway. I liked the movie though.

How about following Gretzsky to the New York Rangers? Nah. How about going for Dominik Hasek’s or that goalkeeper Roy’s team? I don’t know.

Then the lockout came. Still no word from NHL ever since they closed shop. Put the hockey teams in the shelf for the meantime.

Hey wait, how about the Calgary Hitmen? As if I’m watching junior Canadian hockey… even if it’s Bret Hart’s team.

My affinity with basketball teams is quite a story. Where do you want me to start?

First, it was the Boston Celtics for obvious reasons. Everybody in the family is a Celtics fan. Add in Larry Bird to the equation.

I was just naturally put off by the Lakers’ air. Now this might explain on why I never liked purple with gold.

Then there were the Bad Boys of Detroit. Then there was Jordan and the Bulls on parade. Then the Great One retired.

Then came into my consciousness Reggie Miller and his eight-points-in-26-seconds infamy. Now that’s a player worth cheering for.

Jordan returned. Everybody was into Jordan, who wasn’t? But as long as the Indiana Pacers were still in the running, I’m still for them. Remember the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals? I lost sleep because of Miller not because of Jordan.

The whole house woke up when Miller scored that off-balance three-pointer. Although I couldn’t put my finger on what happened, I was delighted that Jordan tripped in the last moments of Game 6. And I couldn’t keep it to myself that I had to spoil the outcome to people who were watching the replay later that night.

After a hard fought seven-game series between the Bulls and the Pacers, I was all Bulls in the Finals. Karl Malone and John Stockton were just easier to hate. If not for Jordan, I would be cheering for Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.

I was sick that time, but I saw Jordan’s last shot before I faded into unconsciousness. That must have scarred Byron Russell for life. Being shot over by The Legend twice, in their first game in a finals series and again on the last time Jordan wore a Bulls jersey.

Jordan returned for yet another time, but I was already a solid Pacer fan that time. And sometimes Sacramento Kings fan. Whoever went farther the playoffs.

Then Sacto started trading the players I was cheering for. Jason Williams for Mike Bibby (this was a good deal though), Nick Anderson, and Corliss Williamson. Later on Scot Pollard for Brad Miller (also a good deal, IMHO). But what took the cake was when they released Vlade Divac then traded Hedo Turkoglu.

Although they still have Peja Stojakovic and Bibby, I said pass. I admit Stojakovic is a splendid player, but I just couldn’t see myself wearing the team colors anymore. Add to that the continuing downward playoff spiral they are experiencing.

Trading away cumbersome Chris Webber (I still like the Michigan Fab Three, though) didn’t improve my sagging impression on the Kings. C-Webb in the same team with Allen Iverson just gave me more reason to hate the injury-prone choker.

In hindsight, what if the Pacers did trade Ron Artest for Peja? I guess Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird like Ron more.

Which brings us back to the Pacers. May I indulge in a Miller moment before we continue?

2001 first round versus the New Jersey Nets. With the lineup the Nets had back then, the series shouldn’t have reached a Game 5. But there was Miller, scoring a buzzer-beater from 30 feet away, sending the game into overtime.

Then a power interruption occurred. I didn’t see their downfall, but that three-pointer was a lasting memory. Something I wouldn’t forget even if I am to have permanent amnesia.

From there, the team of the present was slowly taking shape. They acquired the two Rons (Mercer and Artest), traded Dale Davis for Jermaine O’Neal (although I protested the trade, I was already aware of O’Neal’s upside then), took Jamaal Tinsley and the two Joneses (Fred and James) in the draft. Along with staples Al Harrington, Austin Croshere, Jonathan Bender, and of course, Sir Reggie, this was a team you wouldn’t love to hate.

They have had relative success with Larry Brown, had their first finals appearance courtesy of Larry Legend, their stint with Isaiah Thomas was, at the most, forgettable, then the continuing saga of Rick Carlisle.

No one even saw the transformation coming. Composed of old fogeys Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin, Derrick McKey, and Sam Perkins; old dependables Rik Smits, Antonio and Dale Davis, and Reggie Miller; and young upstarts Jalen Rose, Travis Best, and Austin Croshere, this was a team deep in talent and experience.

Jackson and Best were dealt away to make way for Thomas prodigy Tinsley, Mullin returned to the Golden State Warriors to have his jersey retired while Smits did the same, and McKey and Perkins faded into oblivion, but not forgotten.

In the place of the two Davises were O’Neal and Jeff Foster. Artest was put into the equation and some dealing sent them Anthony Johnson.

The first time I saw them I said to myself, “I don’t know these guys but I like them.” This was the time I was going crazy over the Kings and was hoping that they crush the Lakers on their side of the fence. Thanks to Divac, Kobe and Shaq won another title.

Speaking of that other O’Neal (Shaquille), that maybe is the reason I find the Big Aristotle more uh… accommodating when wearing a Miami Heat uniform. It’s because the word Lakers is not written on the jersey’s front.

Now that I mentioned it, let’s go through the 2004 season. Oh yes, the eventful 2004-05 season. This was a test to my team loyalty, and I believe I passed it convincingly. Down but not out, that was how the Pacers were after November 19. Whoever expected them to be in the conference semifinals? I did.

Nevertheless, I was going for the Phoenix Suns on the side. But who wouldn’t? They ran for 48 minutes, they dunked for 48 minutes, they scored for 48 minutes. Not even the best Dallas Mavericks offense did that.

Or maybe it was all because of Steve Nash. He was the primary reason why I’m praying that the Mavs go far in the playoffs. What he didn’t achieve in Dallas, he did in Arizona. Reach the conference finals while at the same time winning the MVP, not by hogging the ball but by handing it out to his teammates.

Now that Nash has proven himself, I don’t think he needs my support anymore, although I still prefer that he be in my fantasy lineup. He was my steal last season. No one saw that coming. I have the MVP in my roster!

One thing I might still go for the Suns, besides Nash, is that I’m curious how James Jones would fare in Phoenix. Otherwise, I don’t know where they plan to go when they decided to trade Quentin Richardson and Joe Johnson away. I didn’t know keeping the big three (Nash, Amare Stoudemire, and Shawn Marion) takes a big slice in the salary cake.

Returning yet again to the Pacers, I told myself that after Miller retires, I would be shopping for a new team. Guess I don’t need to shop anymore.

Consider this. Tinsley, Johnson, and Eddie Gill in the point position. Stephen Jackson starting in the two spot with Fred Jones and Saras Jav-something able to switch in both guard positions. The return of Artest with draft acquisition Danny Granger spelling him in small forward. In the other forward you have JO, Austin Croshere, plus a hopefully healthy Bender, who could also play the three position. In center, you have Jeff Foster and David Harrison sharing time with O’Neal playing pivot if needed.

What I presented to you is not a team of the future, but a squad that could dominate the Eastern Conference this year. So what if Detroit got Dale Davis from the Pacers? I scoff at Antoine Walker and the Atlanta Hawks just gave Joe Johnson a very expensive contract. C-Webb and AI who? Boston, on the other hand, is just all-Pierce.

That being settled let us go to the local version: the PBA. Blame it on my cousin who had a crush on Alvin Teng on why I was a solid San Miguel fan from the time I saw my first PBA game live in the venue until Mike Cortez was drafted by Alaska.

Sure, they were likeable. It was a champion team. At point you had Hector “The Director” Calma and Franz Pumaren and his ever present “bigote”. Then you had Elmer Reyes and Samboy Lim in the wings. At the post, you had Teng, Yves Dignadice, for a time Abet Guidaben then Ramon Fernandez, and I just had to laugh from here, Jeffrey Graves and Tonichi Yturri. The late great Alfie Almario and Ricky Cui were the resident Joey Mente and Marlon Legaspi that time. Yes, I’m showing my age.

During the rookie fallout season, they took Ato Agustin and Bobby Jose from the draft. They were later followed by Vic Pablo and Bong Ravena. After Presto disbanded, they got Allan Caidic.

They were so good, Josel Angeles and Dong Polistico had to scavenge for playing time. Let me rephrase that. They were so good the core represented the country in basketball in the 1994 Asian Games.

There was nowhere to go but down. Fall down they did and the landing was indeed hard. Pablo was underutilized they had to deal him away where he was of more use, Teng was sent to Pepsi (or was it 7-Up?), Samboy’s knees fell, Dignadice fell to drugs, while the rest of the team fell to old age. To cap the exodus, Agustin returned to his roots to play for Pampanga in the MBA.

What was left was but a skeleton. Caidic was here and there with Angeles and Polistico the only remnants of Black’s champion squad. Oh yeah, they still had Art Rabbi dela Cruz back then. A deal here and there snagged them Nelson Asaytono, Olsen Racela, Mike Mustre, Dwight Lago, Freddie Abuda, Siot Tanquincen, and for a glimpse, Paul Alvarez.

Again, I was in this “I don’t know them but I like them” phase. What was I doing in between? Oh yeah, I was frustrated that Sunkist, Alaska, Shell, Ginebra, Purefoods, and for different reasons, Mobiline were getting all the limelight. All teams except San Miguel had shelf space. These were the dark days, indeed.

Nevertheless, the Beermen that time would be inducted as lifetime members of Overachievers Anonymous. All thanks to Ron Jacobs. How he did that? Only his deathbed knows. I wish him well.

During this time I also deeply loathed the Alaska Aces. Give me a reason to like a team composed of Johnny Abarrientos, Kenneth Duemdes, Jeffrey Cariaso, Jojo Lastimosa, Poch Juinio, Bong Hawkins, and Roel Gomez.

From there, the pieces were falling into place. They got Danny Ildefonso in a draft-and-trade deal with Shell, then was followed by another Danny (Seigle) the year after. Let’s stop when they picked Mustre.

With Asaytono’s stock rising again, they sent the now troublesome Bull back to Sunkist for Nic Belasco and Boybits Victoria. From the MBA ‘dispersal draft’ they acquired Dorian Attice Peña and in a blockbuster coup de grace trade concocted by Bong Tan, they grabbed Dondon Hontiveros.

By the time the 2002 season was coming to a close, with the momentum of the UAAP basketball season still in me, I proclaimed that whoever drafts Mike Cortez would automatically get my vote as my first team. The Coca Cola-Alaska finals that capped the year was the final time I cheered against the Aces.

This was a young and likeable team. Invisible was the grandslam core I deeply hate. Along with Cortez was fellow Lasallian Don Allado. For some games, Dino Aldeguer and Alvin Castro suited up as well. Add in Ali Peek and Brandon Cablay, this was an ok team. The only sore thumb was John Arigo, which Alaska management traded a year later. If only they got Renren Ritualo. Sayang.

For a moment there, they were keen on changing the team name to Alaska Archers when they drafted Willie Wilson. They added Reynel Hugnatan in the mix. Cariaso and Hawkins are in their second tour of duty as Milkmen.

I was already amiable with this lineup until they took Rich Alvarez. Never mind Tony dela Cruz. He’s underrated and I like him. But what’s the Atenean Rookie of the Year doing in Alaska’s roster?

Draft day and I was creating conspiracy theories on how Alaska could snag Mark Cardona. Not really pleasant and not really a surprise, Wesley Gonzales hugged him after Air 21 took Captain Hook as fifth pick overall. Yuck!

It’s not over there yet. Even before stepping foot in an actual PBA game, my id0l was dealt to Talk N Text. I’m fine with Air 21 since Ritualo is there (although their Memphis Grizzlies-like philosophy sucks), but with Talk N Text? Do you know who owns this team? He is the same person that funds the friggin’ Ateneo basketball program!

Where to next, my friend? I mean I couldn’t return to SMB since I couldn’t associate myself with the team anymore although they have two of my id0ls, Hontiveros and Ildefonso. And I would look like I’m bandwagoning since the Beermen recently won another championship.

Let us digress for a moment and mention the amateur leagues first. Collegiate leagues, being school-based, the fight is usually who would be my second team since my first teams are usually set.

There first teams are: UAAP, DLSU-M; NCAA and WNCAA, CSB; CUSA, DLSAU; NAASCU, UM; NOPSCEA, USLS; NCAA South, DBTC; FSC, DLS-L; SLCUAA, HSC; UCAA and NCRAA, DLSU-D. The current second teams are: UAAP, UE and UP; NCAA, CSJL and MIT; WNCAA, SSC and AC; CUSA, LPC and TriColl; NAASCU, St. Claire (you just got to love the name) and UMak; NOPSCEA, UNO-R (kasali ba sila dito?); NCAA South, DLS-L; SLCUAA, Brent.

Got confused with the acronyms? Wire me.

The first teams are usually set, except for non-La Salle and non-Don Bosco schools. Except for the UAAP, my second choices are based on friends and personal preference. You’ll never know, St. Claire might someday overtake UM as my first team in NAASCU by virtue of its name alone.

Then there’s the PBL. With the nature of the league, with its players coming and going at such a frantic pace, it’s hard to keep tabs with a certain team. A simple formula I use is to determine which team has the most Lasallians in its current lineup and make it as my first choice.

Easy? Not quite. Consider the pre-Osaka and ICTSI days when former Archers or Blazers were spread in all teams. Then there is this grand plan of Mikee Romero of combining Lasallians and Ateneans in one squad which he did with Harbour Center.

Having Macmac Cardona and LA (wooh, one more reason to hate the letters L and A when combined) Tenorio as teammates gave me a migraine. I was just going through the motions because the team was owned by a Lasallian and my id0l was there.

Finally, to restate my hypothesis after that lengthy introduction: cheering for a team is all in the mind.

That being said, since I’m on a bind on which team to side this season of the PBA, so as not to create jealousy and animosity between my players of preferences from different teams (Cortez, Allado, and Wilson in Alaska; Cardona and Mark Telan in Talk N Text; Ritualo in Air 21; Manny Ramos in Coke; Jondan Salvador in Purefoods; Sunday Salvacion in Ginebra; Mac Cuan in Sta. Lucia; and Ildefonso and Hontiveros in San Miguel), starting October 2, I decided to cheer for Red Bull Barako.

The only Lasallian in that bench is the coach: Yeng Guiao. To complete the friendsterization, George Chua’s son was once a Green Archer… at least in the Fr. Martin Cup.

So, with all honesty and earnestness, I shout at the top of my lungs: GO RED BULL! GORE RED BULL! GORE RED THE BULL! GORE THE BULL TILL IT’S RED!

I mean look at its lineup, it’s so deep Vergel Meneses was relegated to reserve status.

Manning the point are Jimwell “Tora-Tora” “I will smash your nose with a clothesline” Torion, Topex “I’m no Willie Miller” Robinson, and Celino “I get to play even if I have five fouls” Cruz. At two spot are Junthy “I’m surprised I lasted this long in the PBA” Valenzuela, Cyrus “I’m dumb I didn’t get to play my last year with UST because my school instituted the Don Allado rule which states that once I pass my draft application I’m ineligible to play in the UAAP” Baguio, and Larry “I’m no legend because I had an ACL in my last UAAP season” and “my girlfriend is your cousin” Fonacier. Forwards are Lordy “NU Bulldog success story” Tugade, and Nelson “from ‘Babyface’ to the ‘Bull’” Asaytono, and Paolo “I also had an ACL” Bugia. In the slot position are Enrico “I lie, I cheat, I steal, I punch, I elbow, and most definitely, I choke during crunchtime” Villanueva, Omanzie “Air 21 doesn’t like me anymore” Rodriguez, and Homer “in case coach Yeng needs another lousy freethrow shooter when Talk N Text tries to shoot on our goal” Se. Or was it Jovy Sese?

In the reserve are Vergel “I should have retired to keep my integrity intact” Meneses and Gherome “I’m a nephew of the former president that’s why I get to play pro ball” Ejercito.

This is a team to beat. They are three-deep in almost all positions.

Unfortunately, they lost their first game against the Purefoods Chunkee Giants. OK lang, I wouldn’t desert you just because you lost once.

I would remain loyal to you even if you end up losing all your games or until Mikee Romero buys all of the former Archers into his expansion team.


This is not a week for me...

Let's start with Thursday, circa 7:15pm last week.

TY Tang's midrange corner jumper rolled out of the rim, which led to the loss of defending champion DLSU Green Archers in UAAP men's basketball.

Then over the weekend, the Atlanta Braves dropped in the National League Division Series yet again.

This Tuesday, the DLSU-D Patriots lost to EAC-Manila in the UCAA basketball championships because of a solitary freethrow with time expired.

And while the DLSU community is still recuperating with the Salgado batok issue, here comes another dagger.

This is not my week... sports-wise. But I wouldn't trade it if it meant my grades this semester.

Just one more written exam and one makeup test to go and the semester's over! Yes, my priorities have been distorted the past two weeks. I prefered a passing grade over a UAAP basketball championship.

It's the apocalypse, I say!


I don't practice Santeria!

Take the quiz: "Which Dead Rock Star Are You?"

Bradley Nowell
You are Bradley Nowell! You're funny and inventive, very talented. You write lyrics, poems or other random literature very well. Nobody knew you but that's the way you liked it. Whoever did try and learn was good enough. Oh, he died in 1996 from a heroin over-dose. Very sad.

Because being John Lennon or Kurt Cobain is so passe.


Why the English language is evil

Maintain and maintenance denote the same idea but are spelt differently. It's one of these spelling bee type of words.

I still got 'suite' in a class spelling contest back in grade six! Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut to represent the section.

Some signs of brain activity after an emotional drain

This loss should serve as a humbling experinece not just to the Archers, but to the De La Salle community as well. Not because we were champions once, we are on top forever.

To the FEU Tamaraws, my utmost congratulations.


In addendum, screw to the one who threw the friggin' tear gas after the game.


Special Araneta promo: Araneta is giving out DLSU-FEU Game 3 tickets for free! Contact Ticketnet at 9115555 for more dewails. Hurry! Limited supplies only.


Lasallian 1: Pare, bakit ka umiiyak? Dahil ba yan sa tear gas kanina?
Lasallian 2: Hindi, dahil talo tayo!


Thought for the day:

Masarap kumain kapag panalo, pero mas nakakagutom kapag talo.

I feel so non-existent

Once I went to a 'date' with this girl in an Incubus concert (how many Incubus concerts have been there in the Philippines anyway?), no shout out from her blog.

Met someone by surprise the last Fete de la Musique, bumped into her blog, read her entry regarding that no event. No mention whatsoever.

Do I really exist?


Rason kung bakit natalo Archers

Kasi pangit yung trophy.


today's headlines


U Are an Asshole Prick!

...Arwind Santos

Fine, I'll give you the MVP. But I’m not convinced with your performance since you were the MVP last year. If you were really that good, shouldn’t you be in the PBA along with Mark Cardona who’s only grand individual award was the Rookie of the Year which you also won?

I ask the question, who among the three of you (including LA Tenorio) stayed for one more year to settle unfinished business? I may give Tenorio some leeway since he hasn’t won an MVP award (all he has is MVP’s money) but that is still a selfish reason to remain in a collegiate league when you know enough that you are good enough in the pro ranks.

Didn’t you feel insulted that in the same afternoon Cardona got drafted by Air 21, you were playing in Araneta Coliseum? Shouldn’t you be in the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall instead of losing to the University of the East?

Didn’t you feel awkward that you were on the court while Cardona was watching you from the sidelines last afternoon? I sense you had a sigh of relief seeing him in street clothes instead of the usual green and white jersey with matching headband and knee-high socks.

The mere fact that Cardona left a year earlier means he had the guts to face the big boys while you are a coward. Now that you decided to stay, the only big boys you have to contend with right now are Junjun Cabatu, Rico Maierhofer, and Mark Benitez. These guys are no Asi Taulavas… at least physically.

Wouldn’t it be insulting if you were stopped dead on your tracks by a bunch of hobbits? This has been the smallest Archer lineup in years. It’s so small, JR Aquino, who’s only 6’2"-ish, is playing power forward! Let’s do the roll call… TY Tang, Joseph Yeo, JVee Casio, Ryan Araña.

JVee Casio… he stopped you once and he almost did it again last Thursday. Joseph Yeo… he ran circles around you whole game long and you had the audacity to do a staredown with him after the buzzer sounded? Picking up on a small guy, eh? Why don’t you pick someone your own size? Try Maierhofer. Ryan Araña… he danced once and he got called for taunting. You, on the other hand, have done at least one celebration jiggy every game against the Archers but nothing follows. TY Tang… he might have been off in Game 1, but aren’t you amazed with his development? He is not the same TO Tang that was just being elbowed around by Tenorio during his rookie. Now, he is doing the elbowing while LA is doing the flopping.

You should be ashamed of yourself picking a fight with kids, Lolo Arwind.


I am not really a Joseph Yeo fan, but regardless of what happens in Game 2 or Game 3, I believe he is already ripe for the PBA… now.

2003… Final four vs Ateneo. There was no Macmac. He stepped up, carried the Archers on his shoulders. After the buzzer sounded, he was doing the staredown with Rich Alvarez which escalated into this Patron section brawl. Emotions were really high by then.

Two years later, again without Captain Hook, he scored 26 points in a Santos vs Yeo mini-battle. After Casio missed the supposed to be game-winning shot, he grabbed the ball, and was staring up Santos. It was obvious they weren’t exchanging pleasantries. He wasn’t going to back out of a fight. Until DLSU-M men’s basketball assistant manager Manny Salgado stepped in.

He doesn’t care how big you are. Japeth Aguilar who? The Ninja was twisting and floating in midair against this beanpole in his final game versus the Eagles in the UAAP.

I may want Yeo in the PBA for the wrong reasons, but I still want him to suit up for a PBA team nevertheless. I want him to trash talk behemoth Asi Taulava to tears.


Perpetual suspension? Where do the UAAP Board get their decisions?

How about FEU men’s basketball coach Bert Flores’ actions afterwards? He was about to attack Salgado with a closed fist before he was restrained… by players!

Is that what you call maturity? Tim Cone, Yeng Guiao, Chot Reyes, and Alfrancis Chua, for all of their tantrums, I haven’t seen them try to attack a player or a staff from the opposing team yet. As for Robert Jaworski, all barriers of etiquette and right conduct are broken. We don’t need to go there.

Of course, Flores wouldn't be reprimanded. He is under the wings of Anton Montinola.

How many times has De La Salle been screwed by the UAAP Board? I don’t want to keep count anymore. Fuck U Are All Pricks Board.


Let’s do some trends

Since 2000, whoever wins Game 1 gets the championship in UAAP men’s basketball. The last time a team won the basketball crown by capturing the second game was 1999 done by the Green Archers.

The scenario back then was that BJ Manalo missed the last shot that gave the UST Tigers the first game of the finals. Two games and a Hail Mary of a Dino Aldeguer three-pointer later, DLSU-M won their second of four straight UAAP men’s basketball trophies.

Let us consider the present situation. We are the defending champions. We just lost Game 1.

Keep the faith! Animo La Salle!

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