Just so you know (who is on top)

According to this website, guess which is ranked where. Oh, nevermind. I'll just copy-paste Sir GreenArrow's post in Archerpride.

I got this rankings from an independent company that ranks the top educational institutions in the world. Here is the link:

It's a pity that no Philippine school is listed in the world's Top 200. However in the rankings from 201-520, we have four Philippine universities. So, for whatever it's worth, here is a summary of these rankings:

University of the Philippines - tied for 297-299
DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY - tied for 392-394
Ateneo de Manila University - tied for 484-488
University of Santo Tomas - 500

University of the Philippines - 44
Ateneo de Manila University - tied at 80
University of Santo Tomas - 85


This survey is totally independent and different from the Asiaweek surveys done in 2000. So, no need to compare that results that came out from six years ago to this one.

For information purposes though, the De La Salle University mentioned here is the Manila campus, but my point is...

PBA Talk N' Text Philipine Cup app list

I had a list made up before. It was more 'pre'-season rather than this current list which is somewhat influenced by more current events. Anyway, here goes...

1. Welcoat Dragons - I pick this team just for the heck of it. Since that former Archers and Ateneans are spread all over the league, it is hard to associate (and at the same time abhor) with a single team. Other than that, they are my favourite-team-in-transition while I wait for Mikee Romero elevate his Harbour Centre to the Big League. Now, that is a real Lasallian team. More on the Portmasters later, though. Now, I am satisfied cheering for Jun-jun Cabatu and the resident underdogs.

2. Coca-Cola Tigers - This is one lineup that has no identity. Really. They are so small that Kalani Ferreria, a tall point guard, is forced to play the 4 position. And then, the team is built around, or at least appears to be, on Joseph Yeo for whatever it is worth. The real first option of this team is Ali Peek. Still, it was fun to watch Coke pummel a tall Red Bull lineup to pieces. It helped that "The Ninja" fished two fouls against Rico Villanueva. Nyahahaha!

3. Talk N' Text Phonepals - TNT is up here more of by default. With id0l Macmac Cardona, Renren Ritualo, and Dondon Allado (just had to force it in for consistency), and cheering for Jimmy Alapag, Asi Taulava, and Harvey Carey an likeable option, how could I go wrong? Which I wonder loudly, what are Green Archers doing in a team owned by an Atenean? Shouldn't it be the other way since George Chua's son played for the Archers? More on that below.

4. Purefoods Chunkee Giants - I hate their starting point guard to death, but he has improved (daw!). Their main scorer is overexposed and I believe the MVP should have been given to another teammate of his. Oh yes, the resident 'showbiz' squad of the PBA, although the TNT cagers have their share of celebrity wives/girlfriends. Marc Pingris is a sentimental favourite even if his current flame is Marc Escueta's ex. Oh yeah, how could I forget the immortal Papa Jun Limpot?

5. Alaska Aces - Oh, Cool Cat Mike, WILL they abanDON you? Actually, they already did. If only Sonny Thoss and Nic Belasco were less likeable, they would be lower in the list. And oh yeah, that season-ending injury is a bummer. Trading Brandon Cablay is slowly proving to be a bad decision as an afterthought. Then again, if that did not push through then we wouldn't have St. Nic and possibly salary cap space for the return of Johnny A.

6. Ginebra Gin Kings - Speaking of Johnny A., I know the Kings were much higher in my list with Eric Menk and Rudy Hatfield leading the pack. Plus you have Sunday Salvacion as your token green alumnus. Plus Jayjay Helterbrand is slowly turning out to be likeable and a possible third point guard in the National Team (sorry, LA Tenorio, Alapag and Cortez come first). Then, I saw Mark Caguioa and his broken promise last season. 'nuff said.

7. Sta. Lucia Realtors - The management of this team should only do one thing and they would be shooting up in my list faster than coach Alfrancis Chua removes the knot of his Mane and Tailed hair: waive Marlou Aquino! Probably include Dennis Espino and Kenneth Duremdes for good measure. That is probably the reason Alex Cabagnot wants out. But, it seems that Kelly Williams and the other young guys are actually energizing the squad. In turn, the statesmen are probably feeling threatened by the new blood that they started upping their game. Which is good for the Realtors.

8. San Miguel Beermen - Another team that was traditionally higher on my list and if I'm correct was hovering in the middle during the start of the conference. But then, they made me realize that they have one of the most Ateneo-infested bench outside of Red Bull. Thanks, but no thanks. You can keep my id0ls Dondon Hontiveros and Danny I to yourselves.

9. Air 21 Express - This is one team, where playing for them makes that cager automatically my enemy. With Ritualo now traded away, there is no more reason for me to show love to this 'principled' squad. And plus what the asses are making out of the country's basketball national sports association, consider yourself lucky that your money is keeping you alive in this league.

10. Red Bull Barako - For a team I hate, they have players I like. Topex Robinson, Celino Cruz, Cyrus Baguio, and... hold your breathe... Carlo Sharma. Yes, there is actually another Lasallian in that roster besides coach Yeng Guiao. Going back, what are Archers doing in MVP's team while you have a bunch sissy spoiled brat Eagles in a George Chua-managed team, whereas his son and the squad's head coach is green? Can someone figure this one out for me? Please?


*Reality TV groupie mode on*

It is unanimous that my bets in Survivor this season are Brad and Jenny. Brad looks like someone from the queer side, it is unconfirmed. Jenny, on the other hand, is a reporter (my type!). However, she is already tekken.

While brothers
Erwin and Godwinare my favourites by default in The Amazing Race, I would have considered Peter and Sarah as sentimental favourites becuase she is an amputee and both are Ironman competitors. However, the guy is such an ash.


Online fuck up

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